Ateliers Scarlette

Scarlette Ateliers was born at B2/139, Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi, DL 110029, India, behind the white facade crossed by the bougainvillea roof-workshop of a bay window on terrazzo, close to an avalanche of cushions on the veranda, in the smell of Basanti's chocolate cake, in between conversations with an adventurer of the Mughal forts and an explorer of the Nehru Place fabric market.

Opened in 2016 to guests fresh from the airport or one of the trains that cross the peninsula, Scarlette House in New Delhi has created a haven of sweetness with a Franco-Indian ambiance. Whether you come to embrace Morpheus, drink a chai tea, have lunch alone or with someone else, or fill your suitcases with Indian souvenirs, unearthed from all over the country.

The first collection of bed linens is designed to envelop our guests. Quickly, we were asked to leave with the pillowcases nestled in the luggage. From one line, the others were born, bed linens, table linens, kimonos and pajamas - a whole range of equipment to make you feel as much at home as in India.

The designer and mother of Les Ateliers, Pauline Bijvoet, landed three years earlier in New Delhi, in the suitcases of a Parisian fashion designer. At that time, she followed her everywhere, between weaving looms, suppliers' meetings, cotton markets, printers, tables under the mango trees and feet in the red earth. Having fallen in love with the city and its inhabitants, Pauline decided to stay. In her head and heart remain the voices of her numerous family, the old-fashioned perfumed roses of her grandfather, the great dinners and the beautiful table settings, Granny's recipes, her mother's bouquets, the walks on the beach with her sister, the local market, the Sunday lunches between aunts and uncles...
Her passion for unearthing treasures, choosing fabrics, rummaging through the stalls and the merchants' innuendos accompanied her to India, where she enriched the textile collections of Scarlette Ateliers with unusual objects, Indian at first glance, often unique pieces and always found with delight.

Scarlette Ateliers is a house of creation and publishing of household linen and nightwear. Designed in Paris, our cottons are woven, printed and embroidered by hand between the south of the Indian peninsula and Rajasthan. They have been thought and conceived with the love and respect of the gestures, the families who take them out of the threads, and the ancestral traditions. A love story between croissant and paratha, pot-au-feu and butter chicken, Paris and New Delhi.