Le Cartel Français

Our company

Le Cartel gathers young people from Amiens who love provocation and the art of phrasing.
Since our creation with Mr. Spoiler, we have defended a simple thing: to raise the constraints of production costs to maintain a product as French as possible. Based in the former capital of Picardy, we defend our textile know-how. In the land of the woad that was used to dye Levis jeans, we draw inspiration from our peers to demonstrate our love for the province.

Our values

Print in France

First and foremost, we work with French know-how. Prices do not allow us to produce our t-shirts in France, but with each new customer, we get a little closer to the day when we can do so.

Premium paper

For you, we work with Clairefontaine to obtain a 250g paper produced in France with a matte lamination for an extremely qualitative rendering. No reflection, you can appreciate our posters even under frame.

4,8 / 5,0

This is the average score that our customers have given us after their first purchase from us. It is both a pride and a guarantee of success for us who read and defend the negative reviews that help us improve.

10 000 smiles

Since our creation, no less than 10,000 customers have smiled when opening their packages. Every day, our store grows thanks to you, and our little hands are working hard to keep you satisfied. Our credo: to grow without ever becoming industrialized.

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