Les Editions du Paon

Les Éditions du Paon

Publishing and manufacturing of French notebooks

Les Éditions du Paon is a new brand that publishes notebooks made and designed in France.

With our experience in letterpress printing and graphic design, we wanted to combine these skills to give our notebooks a modern and contemporary tone. Our universe is expressed through the choice of colors, the quality of our papers and the work of the illustrations.

All our notebooks are printed with the greatest care on the mythical Heidelberg letterpress in our workshop in the Nantes region.

This printing process has the particularity of leaving a slight mark in the paper, which gives a certain character to our notebooks, which are also sublimated by a bronze hot stamping and a singer seam.


Discover our workshop

Letterpress is a process that offers a very interesting tactile and visual rendering of the print, different from what modern printing can offer.

This difference is due to a very typical letterpress printing.

To be able to realize our booklets from printing to finishing, our workshop is equipped with a Heidelberg T platen press from 1970 for printing and a Heidelberg T platen press equipped with hot stamping.


Singer stitching

For this first collection, we have chosen to work on our notebooks in the smallest details, so it is the "Singer" stitching that has been chosen for the binding.

Each notebook is sewn by us in our workshop, with a thread whose color is specially selected for consistency between the stitching and our choice of paper.


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