Lilou Galas is a Parisian designer. From communication to porcelain and jewelry, she is a self-taught woman who likes to create a whole universe around her obsessions...
As a collector, she loves antiques, old-fashioned objects with an old-fashioned refinement, noble and fragile materials, sentimental and votive jewelry. Her nostalgic universe is full of magic.

Lilou Galas' ex-voto jewelry, like protective lucky charms, will carry your history, your beliefs and your wishes...

With her delicate anatomical plates, the creator Lilou Galas diverts the idea of religious fervor in the fetishistic fragmentation of the loving body.

Lilou Galas chooses porcelain for the manufacture of her ex-voto jewelry: a noble and elegant material, but above all, a material known as "memory".

Porcelain memorizes all the gestures that are made to it. It is this particularity which seduces the creator because porcelain, like the jewel of feeling, is carrying memories.

The medallions are shaped in porcelain using the stamping technique.

- The pieces are put to dry, then fired a first time at 980°; this firing is called "degourdi".
- After the first firing, the pieces are enamelled and dipped one by one in an enamel bath which gives the porcelain "cookie" its glaze.
- The pieces are fired a second time at a high temperature of 1400°. It is at this temperature that the porcelain reveals its transparency, whiteness and strength.
- Pieces painted by hand with porcelain paint or liquid gold undergo a third firing at 860°.

The medallions are then mounted on 3 micron 24 carat gold plated chains.

All the models of our collection are handmade in our Parisian workshops.

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