LPDV Ceramics

"It is the intention that creates the emotion"

Curious, sensitive and passionate, I joined the school of ceramics in Aubagne
Aubagne after studying accounting, in order to train professionally in decoration and then in ceramic turning.
In 2005, I created my brand for my first store in Aubagne: "Les Pots de Vanille", which we know today as "LPDV ceramics".
In 2011 I set up my workshop in the Var, in Lorgues to be precise, in the heart of an old wine storehouse.
A mixture of several universes inspires me, the brocante, an
English garden, the earth, the vines ... a poetry that we find in my creations ...
All my ceramics are handmade in my workshop.
The raw materials such as Salernes clay are not chosen by chance. The choice of those is local as well as national for other clays.
The recycling of waste, the packaging of creations, are part of its
ethical approach.

Recently, the small company has become a family business and the transmission of know-how with the arrival of my son Damien, who holds a production position at the plate.
I create my own collections, but I also offer my services to professionals, such as
I also offer my services to professionals, such as brands and decoration stores.