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And if, more than 50 years after the fabulous Human BE-In event in San Francisco, which launched the Summer of Love in the middle of January 1967, we decided that Summer could start in the middle of winter and that finally Love will be our unique season. An Endless Love for an Endless Summer! And if we invited you to live with us a bohemian season, made of love and colours gathered like
Mowers in a bouquet. An activivist season. Because today, creating simple, real and honest products is almost a protest act. A raised fist in front of the worldwide show-off and the over-branding or companies built on outsourced products. The nicest way to pretend that the real luxury can only be found in pleasure, happiness and wellness, That the real luxury is as simple as an improvised one
to-one dinner or a moment of chill out spent with a book and plenty cool cushions.
But you will not challenge the seasons and turn your house into a home only with an army of colours and materials. You'll need to find the balance between what is necessary and what is superfluous, between the soul of the vintage and the body of the novelty. You'll need a collection respecting your interior and your lifestyle as a person.
Placed under the sign of unexpected & unusual meetings : the rock 'n roll & the classicisme, the luxury & the bohemia, the sea shore & the top of the montain, the front & the back, the urban & the escape, the shadow of non-colours & the the brightness of absolute tones, the black & the white, the Swan's Lake & the Leman's Lake, the fashion & the style, the Downtown Rocker & the Uptown
Lady, the Baroque & the Pop Art, the international icone and the local craftsman, the pleasures of the past and the future desires - one more time, Maison de Vacances latest Collection turns all our habits and rules upside down, remembering only one lesson, happiness is here and now... So tell it
with Colours!



Maison de Vacances is a completly independant french company created by Michelle Fouks in 1995. The idea of Maison de Vacances is born in the heart of Paris, in Palais Royal's Gardens nearby Le Louvre and Buren's columns, at the crossroad of modernity and tradition, The collection was very refined and
sleek based on natural material like linen or cachemire and promoting a luxury handicraft. The tone was set :. collections will be dedicated to a chic and authentic lifestyle.
The success of the Brand is due to its authenticity, its timelessness, its coolness and its duality. Indeed, since 2000 the brand Maison de Vacances is embodied by a couple. Like the Ying and the Yang.
Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac are perfectly complementing each other. Their former activities of fashion designer and art director easily explain how deep they are involved in the evolutions of fashion's trend and lifestyles. « Dress up your interiors as you wanna be dressed up » is their claim. Together they will break the codes of interior design and lUxury creating a home line using for the first
time fashion's colours and materials... So, they started to write a new chapter for the brand's storybasing the development of Maison de acances on their conception of beauty, social, ecology and quality.
The French network count one brand owned flagship store and more than 30 high-end retailers. Maison
de Vacances' products are also available all around the world. From New York to Tokyo, from Seoul to Madrid, from Dubai to Geneva... you'll find them in about a hundred retailers in the major cities of more than 20 countries.


20 years spent to design and produce in France or in the factories of our closest european neigbours when the know-how has disappeared from our country.. 20 years spent to look endlessly for the excllence, always refusing any form of discounted production giving away ethics in favor of lower prices... It's not a coincidence... For us, it has always been a principle. If each object expresses a style and a lifestyle, it also conceals a way of production and a special relation to the world. The beauty of an object is mainly made of its history, a dialectic history of course. Creation against copy, proximity against outsourcing, dignity against exploitation...We do not accept to think about design out of these questions.


But beyond the ethical questions, It's also a question of style. We've chosen to stand appart from mass production, to keep a constant quality level and special know-how, and to work with unlimited kind of ffabrics, colours and sizes... This is probably the best way to preserve a real freedom of creation and offer a real choice to our clients. We will never be part of a system where collections are designed under the pressure of cost killing strategies and endless search of benefits. We want more ethical because we always want more freedom to create and more of choice for our clients. From hand made saddle stitching to bespoke and personalized products, Maison de Vacances gives each product a «unique»
touch for «unique» houses...


It's in September 2015, to celebrate the 20 years of Maison de Vacances that the collaboration with Le Deun Luminaires started. Designed by Nicolas Mauriac and produced in France by Jean Luc Le Deun, the X lamp highlight this very symbolic birthday... 20 years of design and french creations, 20 years dedicated to a bohemian chic lifestyle modelled on its designers, 20 years of love, 20 years that went by the speed of light... Presented by two pieces the X lamps will remind the 20 years of Maison de Vacances, Combined with Le Deun circles the lamps will create some glowing XOXO.. A refined design now offered in black or white lacquered metal.


Because a collaboration always start witha meeting and the desire to work together. This collaboration is the result of our meeting with Mark Eden Schooley. A true artist of lights to who we wanter to offer a real commercial visibility distributing is Koushi lamp. Apure handcraft jewel made of metal, khadi cotton
and porcelain in its parisian workshop. Real «mix and match», the Koushi x Maison de Vacances lamp naturally had its place in all our boho-chic stagings.



Beyond the 250 colours referencies and thetraditional bespoke service offered by Maison de Vacances since its origins, a customization service has been set up to provide a real creative space to architects and interior designers from all around

the world and fulfill all their needs. Maison de Vacances is now offering to these VIP and B to B clients all the development capabilities of its Creative Design Studio but also the totality of its technical know-how and materials library. So they
can develop special colours, products and even dedicated lines.


Over the years, our library of colours and materials has considerably increased and today we are proud to offer you almost 250 references through our new division L'EDlTlON LIMITEE by MAISON DE VACANCES. Available by cut or by piece, our fabrics and materials will meet all your expectations and requirements. But you must be aware that Maison de Vacances will not be just another editor. You will not find everything here ! Our editions / creations of fabrics will be limited to the fabrics worthy enough to be used in our collection of finished products.



In order to be able to guide you through your research of fabrics, colours or materials, Maison de Vacances‘ Studio is now open to all our clients. Previously dedicated to our B to B clients, the service is now available for all the particular customers who would wish to recreate in their houses the boho chic spirit and the original style of Maison de Vacances stagings.




We often come back from holidays with our luggages full of desires of lights and colours. So we’ve been looking for revovering the spirit of these trips and transpose them on our finest fabrics : linen and extra fine merinos woven or printed in Italy, skins taned in Iceland... Beaudelaire knew it when he was inviting us to his voyage : «There all is order and beauty, luxury, peace, and delight.»




Maison de Vacances style is a style made for all the people who want to play with colors without giving up the properties and qualities of materials. A bohemian spirit using the materials and the techniques of the most exclusive brands. All the products are always made from the finest and the most precious materials. Fabrics, wools and furs are patiently developed in Europe and stricly controlled. They must provide a strong visual effect and a full satisfaction for the touch. The backdrop of our Collection is still made of our natural European linen. certified Master of Linen, and which environmental qualities need no further proof. Yarn dyed, piece dyed, treated with enzymes, metalized. quilted or mixed with cotton. in 20 years the linen has changed a lot but it's still the star of all our collections.


Colors are always a critical element of the collections. They give them Life. Tones must always mix and match from a fabric to another. Find the secret of multiplication without duplication like Verlaine's dream «Each time neither totally the same, nor totally different.» Partisan of an Endless Sumner of Love, Maison de Vacances believe that summer can start in the riddle of winter and illustrate this simple, honest and authentic way of life with a range of almost 250 colors. The strength of Maison de Vacances is to be able to find the perfect balance between what is necessary and what is superfluous, between the soul of the vintage and the body of the novelty. Since, they believe that fashion is not only an ephemeral drive but also a deep stream that we follow for long, each new collection is a stratum preparing the next one without denying the former one.

Designed with love by Emmanuelle Fouks et Nicolas Mauriac. 

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