Maison Marc





Marc, is my grandfather's first name. He was born in 1923 in Burgundy in the small village of Chemilly-sur-Yonne.

In the 50s, he grew his first gherkins on his childhood land to supply a local canning factory.

In the past in the Yonne, the production of gherkins was "a supplement" for the families, who grew a few rows of them in their vegetable garden to sell them to the cannery. Then the production of gherkins became more professional and the department counted up to 35 producers.




In 1975, my father, Florent, set up on the family farm and increased the production of gherkins to meet the demand. He will work for almost 25 years for a famous French industrial group.

At the beginning of the 2000s, faced with globalisation, all the large specialist industrial groups relocated their production and decided to source their supplies from India. French pickle producers disappeared.

But my father is determined to maintain this French local product at all costs. He fights and becomes the last producer in France. His gherkins will be resold "fresh" to middlemen.




In 2012, I, Henri, have the immense honour of taking over from my father and grandfather.

The "Made in France" is in fashion and the 100% French gherkins having completely disappeared, I decide to restart production.

My goal, to sell to consumers who are more attentive to the origin and quality of the products. There will be no middleman! Our gherkins will be grown and packaged by us. It is in Chemilly-sur-Yonne, on the land of my grandfather's house, that I decide to build my own canning factory.

We had to find a name, Maison Marc was an obvious choice.




The crop has remained the same, natural open-field reasoned cultivation, without herbicides or insecticides.
Our gherkins are picked and sorted by hand and immediately packaged without preservatives.


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