Maison Perotte

Stéphane Perotte

I am a man of passion. Giving free rein to my imagination, searching relentlessly, opposing no boundaries, this is how I became, as a little boy once told me, "the fruit cook".

I was lucky enough to be born into a family of craftsmen and producers, responsible for both father and mother, in the heart of the Cotentin region. This Norman family culture of gastronomy, deep and sincere, this love of the raw product, the link with nature, is my heritage of today so precious and that I try to pass on to my children, but also to future generations. Always aspiring to quench my thirst for knowledge and discovery, I went to meet professionals in the food industry. I wanted to acquire knowledge and know-how. It was my grandmothers, in Valognes, who passed on to me the passion for fruit. I can still hear one of them banging on the ceiling when she found the trace of my fingers in her jam jars. When I was a child, on vacation in Valognes at my grandparents', I would see her preparing jams with the fruits of the garden, blackcurrant, gooseberry, raspberry. The door of my room opened directly onto the cupboard where she stored them. I left a few fingerprints there.

In 2013, the memory of my grandmother knocked on the door and I opened my jam making business. I was born a craftsman, and every day I defend the image and know-how of the craft industry with its values: transmission, passion, conviction, respect for the manual gesture and selection of products.

At this time, I do not know yet what awaits me, but one thing is sure: what I want is to give another vision of the jam, to modernize it, to give it back its letters of nobility. I want to show that there are other ways to consume jam. All my efforts go in this direction: to propose cooked jams, elaborated products, which leave the traditional image of jam on a slice of bread.

"World Jam Champion 2015"

Being a perfectionist, I test my products especially at the Concours général de Paris where I get many awards and distinctions. In 2014, I won the Best Jam Maker of France Contest and in 2015, I won the World Jam Championship which makes me currently the only living jam maker in France to have won these two titles.

All over the world, Stéphan Perrotte exchanges with producers, who will become his partners: always in search of remarkable products, fruits, spices, aromatic plants, as well as unknown, rare or forgotten varieties in order to bring back their authentic tastes. He thus associates several sets of textures and different levels of flavors without extinguishing any of them in favor of another. Stephan Perrotte composes, mastering traditional know-how and cooking sciences. A man of passion, giving free rein to his imagination, relentlessly searching, this is how he became "the cook of fruits".

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