In 2018, I left the world of entrepreneurship (cosmetics company manager) to devote myself to my 2 passions, yoga and ceramics.

Following a health issue, I turned to these 2 ancestral arts, creative and meditative, in a more supportive way. And I got hooked...until I couldn't do without them anymore. With the feeling of finally being myself.

I became a hatha yoga teacher and then I spent a year with 2 teachers to deepen my knowledge and practice of ceramics!

My goal, my pleasure, in this work of the earth, is to try to make cohabit creativity, practicality, simplicity and authenticity.

At the end of 2019, I then launched SUBECHA Studio. I alternate some warm collections inspired by Morocco where I was born, and, above all, soft and timeless pieces, often uncluttered, coming from a pronounced taste for Nordic design and Japanese wabi sabi.

Collections that like to be simple but inhabited, seeking the obvious between form and use, while keeping a visible human touch, in its finish or its final modeling. To keep the trace of manual work. Artistic and personal.

Thus you will find here cups with smooth and milky finishes alongside plates drawn freehand for more character, raw vases or with random enamel pours.

Today, I create and teach in my own studio in Latresne, near Bordeaux.

Soumya T.

My workshop by night - Latresne
" " The purpose of art, the purpose of a life can only be to increase the amount of freedom and responsibility that is in each man and in the world."

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