Vichy Venice

VICHYVENICE is located in the heart of Vichy, in the Giboin passage, a magnificent link between the two shopping streets of the city (Clemenceau and Wilson) as well as between two of its most beautiful monuments, the opera and the St. Louis church.

The activities are diversified and divided into two premises facing each other. The first one is the creative studio of the artist Renaud "SO.Z" Sauzedde for his works of illustration, graphic design, tattooing and plastic art in general. The second space is a store born from Renaud's desire to commercialize his creations, as well as the products he works on as an art director/designer for different brands.

Guillaume Blondeau, Renaud's childhood friend, came to complete the team to manage the shop while bringing his personal touch. To top it all off, everyone selects the brands and products they like in different fields to complete the offer and to please themselves.

The whole gives an amazing, singular and coherent mix which represents well the tastes and the heart of each one. You will find nice toys for children as well as beautiful pieces of design and decoration, knives for the passionate, works of art, watches made in France or even clothes selected on the shutter and in the spirit of the shop!

A lot of Made In France and artisanal production, but not only, because the team is too passionate to set limits and borders.

At VICHYVENICE, under this beautiful 1900's glass roof of the Giboin passage, it never rains and the light is always beautiful. Come by for the pleasure of your eyes, for inspiration, to find the perfect gift or the piece that was missing from your decor!


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