We are Wabi, a French start-up that offers design objects for your daily life, practical & sustainable.

Behind this brand we are two, Charlotte & Josephine, friends since kindergarten and partners since 2021. Born in the 80's, we grew up soaping ourselves with raspberry-flavored Dop and thinking it was normal to consume disposable products. This awareness was the driving force behind the launch of Wabi, as an alternative to the Fast Deco wave.

We offer joyful objects designed to last, at a price that hides nothing but decently paid workers and quality materials.


Practicality and design: that's what we want to offer you behind each of our pieces. But never one at the expense of the other because we are convinced that you can always combine the useful with the pleasant.

Maniacs at heart, we design each product with the desire that they make our lives easier; that they are not just another object in the house, but the new essential that will make everyday life more beautiful.


We work hand in hand with experts who support us, guide us, involve us in each step, and share their know-how with us. Curious people, who are as motivated as we are to create beautiful objects, of the best possible quality.

Today, we can proudly claim that all our products are made within 200 km of Paris. We don't know if this will be the case tomorrow and maybe one day we will go a little further to do more or for a good reason. But what is certain is that we will always tell you with transparency where and how your Wabi objects are made. Why? Because we have nothing to hide :)

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