"In a predominantly male world, Wildust offers a feminine alternative in a retro chic style, to adventurous women who want to equip themselves with style and authenticity." 


Wildust is a benevolent feminist brand that offers clothes and accessories for modern heroines.
Wildust is Freedom and Adventure, created by women, for women!
The brand's ambition is to offer quality clothing and accessories for women riders, adventurers and everyday heroines.
It is for all those who dare (or who ride!) and who do not want to dress up as a man to be legitimate.
Neither tomboys, nor dolls, they free themselves and blossom, with the courage, ambition and strength of women, quite simply: RIDE LIKE A GIRL!



Free to go, free to choose, free to make your own way.... Freedom: another way of saying EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. It is the essential and first value for Wildust. To do what we like, without barriers or prejudices, to act freely. Choosing to go on an adventure, deciding to have fun, choosing to be fulfilled. Wild &Free, yes! Free as a bird, just like the clouds of wild dust that appear behind the wake of the wheels....

It is this freedom, which allows each one to write its history, to leave the highway, of the all traced ways... To lose one's way, to better find oneself.

It is this spirit of FREEDOM that resonates in all Wildust initiatives: Designing practical and functional products that make you free... Like a belt-pocket that frees us from the constraints of a bag, or a scarf that flies in the wind while protecting from the cold and dust thanks to its technical textile... The right compromise to live the adventure in complete freedom, with practical products that remain chic and feminine.



A Benevolent Feminist wink is present on many of our products, because modern feminism is a commitment to women, by women. It's a pro-female inspiration, which is far from being anti-male, on the contrary! It is working with benevolence and sorority to get women out of the usurper syndrome and the lack of legitimacy rooted in the depths of their being. To allow them to express their deepest desires, their ambitions, their dreams... To live the great adventure of being oneself, is to realize and assume to invest traditionally male territories, with assumed femininity. JUST DO IT LIKE A GIRL ! You don't need to dress up as a man to be legitimate... This is where our favorite mantra comes from: Ride like a Girl!

Inspirations of women who dare, with all their femininity, we found several: From the wise Simones (de Beauvoir, Veille) to the less wise Brigittes (Bardot and the Brigitte Duo)... These modern superheroines shout their independence and ambitions as loud as their femininity. Inspiring.

Let's cultivate this spirit of achievement around the values of mutual aid and sisterhood (yes, there is a feminine word for sisterhood!) Let's build the GIRLGANG of tomorrow, let's cultivate mutual aid and let's raise the super-heroines of tomorrow! GIRL POWER SHIT!


It would not have occurred to us to propose a new fast fashion brand. Wildust's deepest ambition is to offer quality, durable and robust clothes, made in Europe, in trusted workshops, with people who share our values.

Our products are designed in an authentic, timeless and functional style, no fashion effect, no new collections every week. Just new products several times a year, thought out with you, to enrich the offer with the essentials.

Nothing superfluous, nothing that goes out of style. Elegance, timeless and durable. Our partners are French or Portuguese, our materials as eco-responsible as possible.

We try to reduce the use of plastic materials in favor of recycled cardboard, and we have in mind that we must develop with the least possible footprint on our earth. We take up this challenge every day, and try to offer you the best quality-price ratio possible for a brand that RESPECTS its environment and people.


"To take one's destiny in hand, to go on an adventure... To get out of the routine and take a 180° turn...
So many metaphors with the world of motorcycling that had a particular echo at the time of reflecting on my future projects. The more I progressed, the more I was looking for a meaning, a conviction, a fulfillment... Impossible to find in the narrow, repetitive and smooth daily life of a well-ordered "Communication Director", in his pretty office...

And then one day... The call of the great outdoors, the desire for adventure and the sudden conviction that if we don't realize our own dreams, we'll spend our time realizing those of others, locked in a nice office....

By creating WILDUST, I dreamed of ADVENTURE, literally and figuratively; of FREEDOM, and of FEMINISM.

I realized that for some time I was also sheltering a glass ceiling, a limit that I had created myself, preventing me from going beyond.
A sneaky conformism inside many women, in need of female models, heroines, or examples who dare and succeed...

Then I discovered ambitious women, women who dare, who free themselves... ADVENTURERS....
While I was getting my motorcycle license, and literally fell under the spell of the retro motorcycle world, the metaphor came all at once....
To drive your life, to ride your motorcycle, to trace your own road, to go on an adventure, to feel free, independent and powerful.
To drive your life with independence and freedom, assuming yourself as a woman, chic and feminine, even more so on 2 wheels.

I then realized how difficult it was still for a woman to feel 100% free in the world of motorcycling, and how stereotyped "biker women" were... Sometimes masculine, sometimes vulgar...
Not really "normal" representations for girls who ride...

As if elegance and femininity were not part of the picture, as if you had to dress up as a man to be legitimate on a motorcycle...

I noticed that the brands in the world of riding were not really aimed at women, and that women had no other alternative than to equip themselves in men's locker rooms...

I didn't want to apologize for being a woman, and I didn't want to dress up to ride either....
I wanted to believe that some activities are not restricted by gender, I wanted to live the great adventure of being me, while remaining female...

I wanted adventure, freedom, and feminine elegance. Without concessions! " -


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