ZÜ Boutique

Authenticity, know-how and commitment

Zü is a French brand that offers a wide range of stylish items for the whole family.

Decorative objects for children's rooms (cushions in soft shapes, posters in pastel tones, objects made of natural wood), stationery items (stage cards for the child's first months and first times, baby books, souvenir albums, notebooks for the first days...), or accessories (collection of pins and fine silver bracelets) will make pretty gifts or souvenirs to be treasured.
Our ambition is to create collections of sustainable products, in line with the needs of children and parents, that will be beautiful memories throughout time.

We have high standards of quality, both in products and customer service, and everything we do is done with care and consideration.

Zü was founded in 2010 by Juliette Collet, a graphic designer and illustrator by training and mother of two children.
Creative and committed, Juliette Collet designs and illustrates all of Zü's collections, and entrusts their production to local craftsmen selected for their know-how and environmental ethics.

The environmental impact of Zü's activity is at the heart of our thinking and creative process, and it is essential for us to produce in the most reasoned way possible.

Inspired by the world of childhood,
Zü is a beautiful adventure initiated in 2010 by Juliette Collet.

Graphic artist-illustrator, Juliette Collet puts all her heart into designing decorative objects and accessories that surround us with tenderness and sweetness the first years of our children.
The refined style with pastel colors and aerial themes Zü's many creations put poetry in the spotlight The simplicity of the drawings appeals our attention and adds a playful side to each item.
Among its collections designed for baby and children's bedrooms, its decorative cushions, its posters with delicate compositions, or its wooden mobiles present families of irresistible characters and form charming gifts for these precious time.


Juliette Collet is a tireless worker who cultivates a taste for peaceful atmospheres and touching attentions. In this spirit, Zü offers many variations of its themes and proposes several product ranges: firstly, stationery with posters, postcards, books and albums, diaries, stickers, notebooks, or even milestone cards; then a textile range with cushions in original shapes; wooden decorative objects as well as a wide range of jewellery with pins or fine bracelets.


Always respectful of the quality and follow-up of her products, Juliette Collet had selected skilled craftsmen for the manufacturing of her creations. At Zü, priority is given to handmade, made in France and authenticitywithout neglecting generosity. Resolutely committed to a sustainable development approach, Zü works with an integration workshop and favours the use of recycled paper as well as service providers in France and in Europe who are concerned about the environment.


Close to her customers, the designer presents the latest news of her collection on her blog : zu-blog.com from which she initially launched her mark. She regularly publishes printables and has contributed to the first appearance of DIY in France..


From the tenderness of her childhood, Juliette retains as a name the tender diminutive Ju "Zu" pronounced by a child with a still insecure language, she adds the umlaut for the graphic side that underlines a smile.


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