Bed & Philosophy

Bamby Throw


Amerindian plaid in herringbone linen Hand embroidered.
Heading for the Rocky Mountains! This collection, come straight from the Wild West, will take you on a journey far away.
Our chevron patterned plaids and cushions are decorated with hand-made embroidery inspired by the American Indian culture.
The BAO cushion and the BAMBY fringed plaid bear a “tipi” pattern. We can just imagine this combination in our children’s room, while we tell them stories of cowboys and Indians, or when comforting them after a bad dream.
Meanwhile, the BOREAL plaids and the BEIJA, BARY, BELLA, BENJY cushions mix lines, zigzags, geometrical patterns and warm colors, for a hippy touch in the house. An authentic trend to adopt!

80 x 120 cm. / 32 x 47 in.
100% Linen
Made in Tunisia.


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