Bath Robe

Lovely long and soft bathrobe to wrap up in after a bath or going for a swim, on a cold morning, or just to feel warm and cozy. The Naram bath robe is made in a combed 385g Oeko-Tex cotton, which is very absorbent.
The bathrobe has big cozy and practical pockets, a large lapel, a soft belt - and it just feels comforting and very soft to put on.
The thought-through and fitted design ensures that you can move yours arms freely, tighten the belt easily, and that there's enough fabric to cover your knees, when you are sitting down.if you are taller than 176 cm – or prefer an oversize look and feel – we recommend size L/XL.
S/M ≈ 122 cm
L/XL ≈ 138 cm.
Oeko-Tex cotton (385 g)
Made in India
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