Bougies La Francaise

Church Candles


Church ivory candle with a burning time of approximately 100 or 60 h .

Inspired by the shape of a church candle, this unscented ivory candle will light up your living room with a touch of softness.
Light the flame for a subdued atmosphere and let yourself be carried away in the memories of the past.
Of high quality, this cylindrical candle is made in France.
Simply dressed in an old-fashioned label, this French candle will look great placed, lit or unlit, on your most beautiful living room furniture.

Handcrafted, these candles are crafted using traditional methods to ensure premium quality. These candles have an exceptional burning quality, ensuring for each candle a burning time of approximately 100 or 60 hours, without risk of sagging.

S: Ø 8 x 10 cm / Ø 3 x 4 in.
L: Ø 8 x 19 cm / Ø 3 x 7.5 in.
Highly refined paraffin.
Made in France.

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