Maison Pechavy

Barbecue Long Matches


Box of 40 long matches.

This box of special Barbecue long matches is part of the new collection dedicated to the Maison Pechavy barbecue and brazier. The raw aspect of this box reflects the eco-responsible approach of the Maison Pechavy brand.

Both useful and very elegant, these long matches allow you to light a barbecue, brazier or wood smoker without risk of burns. These long matches are made from poplar and are untreated to be food safe.

Prepare easily the embers of your braziers, charcoal barbecues (with or without chimney), thanks to these long matches which guarantee a fast, safe and ecological lighting of your fires.

These long matches make it easy to ignite our natural wood wool fire starters and thus quickly prepare embers with dry wood logs, traditional charcoal and any other natural wood. Grilling will become a breeze!


Match: 19,5 cm / 7.75 in.
Box:  22 x 6.35 x 3 cm / 8.70 x 2.50 x 1 in. 
Untreated Poplar
Made in Europe
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