Wildust Sisters

Aviator Jumpsuit


If music could be read with letters, we would play the Top Gun soundtrack to you, based on a "taa daa daaaa, ta da da da da…" song.... :-) :-) JOKE! But the idea was to get you in the mood of this mythical wardrobe… The Retro Pilot JumpSuit by Wildust sisters has just been released. A fearless jumpsuit, as classy and remarkable as a hero's uniform, or rather a heroine's one. After bringing the Mechanics inspired overall, the idea was to offer a true Pilot Jumpsuit. Legend from the vintage racing circuits or aviators tracks ...Whatever, the audacity and allure that emerge are the same. Heroism, Adventure and Elegance will therefore be the key words of this new Jumpsuit. Created in immaculate white, it is true heroine costume, in a guaranteed vintage style. A real fabric directly inspired by Steeve MacQueen adventures, in a 100% feminine way! Some details may have come to your attention: a huge and impressive embroidery in the back, called "Own your power". A way to adress bikergirls, and invite them to "take the power" , literally and figurativel. 2 more pretty embroideries are sewed on the chest pockets, and a chic vintage look crest on the left arm. All underlined with camel stitching, which contrasts with the light color of the jumpsuit. Made in a thick 350gr cotton, it has a tapered cut and is fitted, with an elasticated waist, a central zip and an officer-type collar with a snap button.

From S to L
Organic Cotton
Made in Portugal

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