Encuentro Hot Chocolate


This powder, made from the same chocolate as our bars, will allow you to taste a delicate hot chocolate with great aromatic richness.
It is made from our chocolate 70% Dominican Republic or 70 Haiti or 70% Guatemala (depending on the production) which gives it roundness and smoothness. This powder therefore has the same organoleptic qualities and the same constitution as our 70% tablets.
To learn more about the difference between chocolate powder and cocoa powder, you can read our article here.
To make a good hot chocolate, place 3 to 4 teaspoons of powder (20g to 25g) according to your taste in 90 ° milk and stir vigorously to melt all the chocolate.

It is not a question of "cocoa powder" but of "chocolate powder", our artisanal chocolate crushed and reduced to powder. The classic cocoa powder that you know is indeed a product obtained thanks to huge presses which, by pressing the chocolate and heating it, separates the cocoa butter from the cocoa powder. These presses are not home-made machines!

Organic cocoa beans (70%), Organic cane sugar
May contain traces of nuts and sesame.
Certified organic by fr-bio-10 / Non EU agriculture
Net weight: 250gclip

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