Maison Pechavy

Fire Starters Set


Black and white foliage for this new carbon collection box with a pure and timeless design. The hundred-year-old oak, emblem of MAISON PECHAVY, reinterpreted in a Japanese style, by the Agenese painter Jean-Albert BOURGADE. A sober and elegant design that fits in all interior styles.

This MAISON PECHAVY long match box forms a harmonious set with the CARBONE collection.

These 56 fire starters accompanied by their box of 35 small matches in untreated poplar are essential to succeed in lighting all types of fire in a safe, quick and easy way.

Ecological, they are impregnated with pure food wax (flammable) and without odor which allows to start the fire of a fireplace or closed hearth, wood stove, without harmful smoke for your interior. This set is a chic accessory of its sleek design that can highlight all your events.

The MAISON PECHAVY natural fire starter allows you to light all fires: fireplace, insert, wood stove, barbecue and brazier. A single stick is enough to start the fire. The burning time is slow, from 8 to 10 minutes, ideal to see the flames appear.

Natural firelighter
-Mechanically braided wood wool sticks, 100% natural, FSC certified.
- They are impregnated with pure and odorless natural wax
- Without chemical components, they do not clog your fireplace, stove or insert.
- Made in Germany to guarantee superior quality.

- 11 cm / 4.25 inch
- Untreated poplar.
- The packaging was designed and manufactured in Agen.
- The packaging takes place in our warehouse in Agen as well.
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