Maison Pechavy

Folies 1919 Candle Holder


FOLIES 1919 is a smart design candlestick. It is hybrid & modular.

On one side it holds a thin candle (diameter 1cm) and on the other a classic candle. By choosing to use one side of the candleholder, you can decorate your home with a fine and colored candle of 1 cm diameter. If you are a fan of standard candles, you can also highlight them with the other side of the candleholder.

Clever, this design candleholder is also modular because it can be stacked. By two or three. For a unique decoration, you can create sets of several design candle holders.

A decorative idea signed Maison Pechavy. This solid brass design candleholder brings a touch of originality to your interiors! It creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

This holder accommodates thin candles like the 12" Wax Candles of La Ciergerie des Prémontrés. 

Ø 6,3 x 3 cm / Ø 2.5 x 1.2 in.
100% Brass
Made in france

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