La Chambre aux Confitures

Gift Box Honey Jams


This box gathers the 4 Honey & Jam fragrances created by La Chambre aux Confitures & Hédène, French honey house since 2013.

Preparation based on seasonal fruits picked at maturity, and honey.

Composition of the set (4x100g/3,5 oz):

Vineyard peach & Acacia honey jam
Raspberry & blackberry honey jam
Pear & Linden honey jam
Apricot & Honey Chestnut honey jam

Note: honey is used for its aromatic notes above all. In order to preserve the balance of the flavours and not to denature the fruit, we also use white sugar with a neutral taste in this recipe. And if you're wondering if a honey jam is not too sweet... well, no more than our other recipes! The total sugar content in this recipe is 55g per 100g.

Made in France

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