Honeys Gift Editions


The amazing Hédène honeys in their small gift edition.

French honey grands crus box (3 x 1.4oz)

This prestigious box is an invitation to travel in the heart of the City of Light and French terroirs thanks to three nectars of excellence with unique flavours and textures. It is ideal for honey lovers who wish to enjoy a gourmet moment of tasting. 
Paris honey, the ultimate elixir, reveals with splendor harmonious vegetal notes and will surprise any palate with its surprising freshness. To accompagny this prestigious honey, the box offers an acacia honey from Bourgogne with an exceptional sweetness and a chestnut honey from Lozère that seduces with its woody character and aromatic power.
A complete gustatory diversity to immerse yourself in an unprecedented sensory experience!

The elegance and greediness of the Paris je t'aime box make it a perfect gift for a honey lover in pursuit of intense pleasure. Each honey is unique and will sublimate with finesse any moment of tasting; at breakfast on a soft brioche, during an aperitif with a cheese or simply raw with a spoon for a festival of flavours. A guilt-free pleasure in the colours of the French floral heritage to be shared ... or not.

Paris Honey (1.4Oz)

Emblem of the capital of gastronomy, Hédène Paris honey is a pure wonder. Symbol of the urbane beekeeping, this nectar, harvested near Longchamp, reveals delicious green overtones and a fabulous freshness. It is the perfect gift for honey aficionados and Paris lovers.

Harvested in France, in the heart of the City of Lights, Paris honey is characterized par a distinctive and unique flavor for an unprecedented gustatory experience. This 100% Parisian nectar, clear and pure, is a thousand and one flavors pearl as the flowers variety, gathered by a multitude of bees, is huge.

The blossoming periods is random, from mid-May to July. The harvest happens then, over July. Predominantly linden during the last harvest, Paris honey has fresh overtones. 

On the occasion of a Parisian breakfast, let yourself be enchanted by the green flavors of Paris honey. Its smooth texture and green freshness perfectly match a hot beverage and flawlessly spread on a hot brioche. For the true gourmands, it can be savored raw with a spoon to enjoy as much as possible the flavors than come from it.

Acacia and Truffle honey (1.4 Oz)

Hédène's honey and black truffle preparation mixes the incredible sweetness of acacia honey and the powerful aromas of black truffle (tuber melanosporum). Refined and sweet, this truffle honey is 100% French.

It is a delicately flavored dish, sweet and surprising, thanks to the truffle’s heaven scent. With its noble ingredients, this preparation is a genuine symbol of French soils’ know-how and a true gift for epicures. Harvested in France, with traditional beekeeping methods, acacia honey is very delicate and matches perfectly with the truffle’s refinement.

Made with 3% of black truffle breakings, it can be tasted raw on toasts or with cheeses like brie or brillat-savarin. It also matches perfectly with exceptional dish such as foie gras or duck breast.

Made exclusively from French soils, it is a true delight.

Ingredients: French acacia honey 96%, black truffle breakings from Périgord 3%, natural flavor. 

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