Louis Tellier

Manual Beater


The La Bonne Graine manual mixer makes it easy to beat your eggs, creams and sauces.
It is made of stainless steel, a hygienic, resistant and durable material. Popular in the professional kitchen, it requires little maintenance. Its handle is made of wood for a comfortable grip.
The La Bonne Graine brand is reissuing an old-fashioned double hand-cranked whisk model that will allow you to rediscover the gestures of traditional cooking. The manual whisk is to be placed at the bottom of a bowl for optimal use.
It is recommended that the hand mixer be washed by hand with dishwashing liquid, without using an abrasive sponge, and dried thoroughly.
La Bonne Graine, a brand of the Louis Tellier Group, offers kitchen utensils that have been revisited with a modern taste, easy to use to rediscover the pleasure of traditional cooking.

31.5 x 9.5 x 8 cm / 12.3 x 3.75 x 3.1 in.
Stainless steel and wood
Made in France.

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