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Moor Head Vase

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Bring history and elegance to your home with these fabled Moor Head vases!

Once upon a time...

An ancient legend tells that around the year 1100, during the period of the arab domination  in Sicily, in the Kalsa district of Palermo, lived “a beautiful girl with a rosy skin comparable to peach blossoms at the height of flowering and a nice pair of eyes that seemed to reflect the beautiful Gulf of Palermo “.

The girl was almost always at home, and spent her days looking after the plants on her balcony. One day a young Moor found himself passing by, and as soon as he saw her, he immediately fell in love with her and decided to have her at all costs. Then without delay he entered the girl’s house and immediately declared his love. The girl, struck by so much ardor, returned the love of the young Moor, but soon her happiness vanished as soon as she learned that her beloved would soon leave her to return to the East, where a wife with two sons where waiting for him.

So it was that the girl waited for the night and as soon as Moor fell asleep she killed him and then cut off his head. She made a vase out of the Moor’s head where she planted some basil and put it on display outside on the balcony. The Moor, in this way, unable to leave, would have remained with her forever. Meanwhile, the basil grew luxuriantly and aroused the envy of all the inhabitants of the neighborhood who, in order not to be outdone, had specially built terra-cotta pots in the shape of a Moor’s Head. Even today in the Sicilian balconies you can admire Teste di Moro.

Ø 13 x 18 cm / Ø 5 x 7 in.
Made in France.

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