Wildust Sisters

Tank Top "Holy Roads"


Charcoal Grey.

Classic Fit (mixed), Original Wildust Design, Round Neck, Side Vents + Asymetrical Cut, 100% Organic Cotton.

Let us tell you about the inspiration of this piece, before going into the details of its manufacture ... :-)


If you already follow us a little, you know that the retro universe, the vintage atmospheres, it is definitely what inspires us the most! The seventies, early 80s... This period of time when everything seemed easy and possible,no boundaries and a feeling of incredible freedom.  Back then, "peace and love" moods and  "rock bands" culture were telling another story ...

In short, this tank top, or rather this sleeveless shirt is a direct tribute to the rock shirts of those years. The tipical tee you had cut the sleeves, and was worn loosy with the design of The Doors !  ...

Riders on the storm sang Jim M. ...  Well our riders and bikergirls will make themselves comfortable in this TANK TOP , designed with a tribute to sacred roads and adventure ... "HOLY ROADS & FREE SPIRITS"

A spiritual and feminine touch is featured, with the woman hand, carrying the world and the ambition of all adventuresses. The sleeveless tank top has a straight cut, almost loose if you oversize it, to stay comfortable in your movements. The comfort is what you find on all our cotton T-shirts: 190GR in organic cotton: it is solid, thick and comfortable. Small detail, the back of the tank top is a bit further away, to put our bikers at ease, and give a very special singularity to other adventurers.

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