Wildust Sisters

Tank Top "Holy Roads"


In short, this tank top, or rather this sleeveless shirt is a direct tribute to the rock shirts of those years. The tipical tee you had cut the sleeves, and was worn loosy with the design of The Doors !  ...

Riders on the storm sang Jim M. ...  Well our riders and bikergirls will make themselves comfortable in this TANK TOP , designed with a tribute to sacred roads and adventure ... "HOLY ROADS & FREE SPIRITS"

A spiritual and feminine touch is featured, with the woman hand, carrying the world and the ambition of all adventuresses. The sleeveless tank top has a straight cut, almost loose if you oversize it, to stay comfortable in your movements. The comfort is what you find on all our cotton T-shirts: 190GR in organic cotton: it is solid, thick and comfortable. Small detail, the back of the tank top is a bit further away, to put our bikers at ease, and give a very special singularity to other adventurers.

From S to L
Organic Cotton
Made in France 

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