The Rite Of Spring - George Cannon


A harmonious meeting of the dazzling scents of flowers with the sweetness of fruits.

White tea * from China (Bai Mu Dan). Aromas (apricot, longan, cherry, wild strawberry, mangosteen, raspberry, rose, osmanthus, magnolia, geranium). Cornflower * and rose petal.

Augustin Scala signs this unique and organic * creation on a white tea base, with a complex and delicate aromatization for the arrival of spring, both thirst-quenching and delicious for this always eagerly awaited change of season.

Introduce yourself to the art of tea and let yourself be surprised by the awakening of nature.

A scented creation created in the George Cannon workshops in France which completes the Special Series 100% Organic * collection.

Tasting notes
The Rite of Spring, with its base of white tea with little theine content, can be enjoyed all day long and both hot and cold.

This 2019 creation reveals all the delicacy of white tea associated with the scents of flowers and seasonal fruits. When tasting, we note a very flowery attack, then the fruits settle to have a whole that remains in the mouth. To finish, a silky, even downy note caresses the palate, with a good length in the mouth, without aggressiveness. A very sweet flavored white tea.

The conditioning
The 50 gram metal tin from George Cannon, Le Sacre du Printemps, is 100% recyclable and reusable (possibility of refilling the empty tea tin directly). Stored in a cool, dry place, it retains the scent of tea and protects against light and odors.

This flavored tea has been certified by Ecocert, an approved and accredited independent control and certification body.
* Product (s) from organic farming and certified by FR-BIO-01.

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