Aid Through Trade

Aid Through Trade: Pioneering Fair Trade Fashion Jewelry

The Genesis of Aid Through Trade

In the late 1980s, during his tenure as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal, Damian Jones was deeply inspired by the local artisans of the Kathmandu Valley. Captivated by their unique use of glass beads in jewelry, Damian observed a transformative impact on the artisans' communities, particularly for women whose lives improved significantly with the opportunity to earn an income. This observation laid the foundation for what would later become Aid Through Trade.

Founding and Mission of Aid Through Trade

Founded in 1993, Aid Through Trade was envisioned as a fashion design company committed to ethical practices and the empowerment of women. The cornerstone of its mission is to integrate Fair Trade principles into the fashion industry by designing and crafting exquisite jewelry. Damian's vision was clear: to create sustainable employment opportunities for artisans in a manner that respected their skills and cultural traditions.

Innovation in Design: The Original Roll-On® Bracelet

Aid Through Trade introduced the world to The Original Roll-On® Bracelet, a unique product known for its design quality and ethical craftsmanship. This bracelet not only symbolizes the brand's commitment to Fair Trade but has also become a fashion statement, available in a plethora of colors and updated biannually to align with new fashion trends.

Ethical Production and Artisan Empowerment

As a Founding Member of the Fair Trade Federation, Aid Through Trade ensures that all products, particularly The Original Roll-On® Bracelet, are crafted under fair and ethical conditions in Nepal. The company's approach involves close collaboration between designers and artisans to refine designs that are both practical and artistic. High-quality glass beads sourced from the Czech Republic and Japan are used, along with hand-dyed cotton threads, culminating in products that are not only beautiful but also hold a lifetime guarantee.

A Broader Jewelry Collection

Beyond bracelets, Aid Through Trade offers an extensive range of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and other complementary pieces. Each item is designed with the same attention to detail and commitment to sustainability and ethical production.

Founder's Vision and Continuous Innovation

Under Damian Jones’s leadership, Aid Through Trade continues to innovate while staying true to its core values. Damian’s background in science and the arts has uniquely positioned him to lead the brand's design process, emphasizing vibrant color combinations and continual product innovation to meet the dynamic demands of the global fashion market.

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