Bacanha Syrups

Founded in 2013, Bacanha is a label specializing in the creation and manufacture of quality organic syrups.

Made up of a passionate and creative team, they have acquired the know-how to offer unique drinks that are developed in Paris and manufactured in the Paris region.

Their main value is quality, they use selected ingredients such as pure organic cane sugar, fruit concentrates and natural flavors. they offer real taste signatures, with at the heart of each, a unique aroma and flavors, specific to Bacanha creations.

Bacanha's mission, to offer emotion through taste...


Behind a simple recipe often hides a lot of research and elaboration. This is the case with the recipes for each Bacanha raw syrup, which is always the result of a long process to find the perfect taste and unique flavors.

The basis of the raw syrup is certified organic pure cane sugar from South America. Then, an infusion work can be done, in other cases they add fruit juices, natural extracts or even essential oils. This work of creation and subtle assembly aims, once the syrup is diluted, to deliver the most authentic and natural taste possible.

The common point between all their flavors is the quest for the ideal balance between pH and brix, ie acidity and sugar level. Most raw syrups have a pH below 4.5 and a Brix around 60°, the perfect combination for an exceptional taste. In addition, a low temperature heat treatment is applied to their syrups in order to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of their recipes.

The majority of raw syrups are certified organic and designed for reasonable everyday use. They will be perfect mixed with your hot drink in the morning, with your glass of water during the day, or prepared in cocktails at aperitif time...

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