Celebrating Craftsmanship, Color, and Tradition in Handmade Designs”


Founded out of a deep admiration for color, quirky designs, and the enduring traditions passed down through generations, Bongusta collaborates closely with skilled artisans in India who take immense pride in their craft. This collaboration results in standout designs known for their vibrant colors, high-quality materials, and impeccable handmade quality.


People and Partnerships

At Bongusta, mutual respect forms the foundation of our company ethos. We value our suppliers as partners and friends, chosen for their exceptional craftsmanship and humanity. Our commitment to long-term relationships fosters mutual growth and development. Our team spans across Denmark and India, with the Indian team led by Bhawna Ji in Delhi, bringing extensive supply chain experience from grassroots to global partnerships. This presence ensures hands-on product development, high standards of working conditions, and a seamless production process.


Commitment to Fair Wages and Welfare

Bongusta is dedicated to fair wages and welfare. While the Indian government regulates wage scales, we ensure our producers pay above the required minimum. Additionally, we support our artisans with medical care and medication when needed, reflecting our commitment to their well-being.


Certifications and Compliance

Maintaining high standards is crucial to Bongusta. We require our suppliers to hold certifications such as SA8000, BSCI, ISO 9001, or SEDEX, ensuring compliance and respect for all individuals. Our ‘Naram’ Terry series, for example, is produced in certified factories under Oekotex certified processes. We also use azo-free dyes for our hand-quilted cotton products, ensuring safety and sustainability.


Manufacturers and Artisans

The heart of Bongusta lies in the rich tradition of Indian craftsmanship. For over 20 years, our founders traveled across India, forging deep respect for the artisans and their cultural heritage. We are proud to present the work of these skilled masters through our handmade rugs, quilts, and other crafts.


Our Indian Team

Key members of our team include Manish Ji and Rajeev Ji, who run production and development for our ‘Naram’ Terry collection. Their expertise in towel production, from in-house dyeing to weaving, ensures the highest quality products. Their factory is fully certified, including SA8000, ISO 9001, BSCI, and Oekotex, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

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