Casa Cubista

Casa Cubista: Celebrating Portuguese Craftsmanship and Design

Founding Story of Casa Cubista

Casa Cubista, established in the vibrant fishing port of Olhão on Portugal’s Algarve coast, embodies the spirit of Portuguese craftsmanship. The brand's name, inspired by the distinctive cubist architecture of Olhão’s old town, reflects its foundational ethos of celebrating local design. Casa Cubista was born from a desire to share the unique artisanal products of Portugal with the world, founded by David, a Canadian with Azorean roots, and Arren, a design aficionado with extensive experience in Europe and Canada.

The Makers Behind Casa Cubista

At the heart of Casa Cubista is a deep appreciation for traditional materials like terracotta, cotton, cane, jute, linen, and wool. Collaborating closely with local artisans and family-owned businesses, Casa Cubista brings to life a collection that honors heritage while infusing it with contemporary appeal. Key figures include Rui, whose family has crafted pottery for over 200 years, and Paulo, a young potter who continues his family’s legacy on the potter’s wheel.

Artisanal Techniques and Contemporary Design

Casa Cubista stands out by transforming traditional craftsmanship into modern design pieces that resonate globally. Each item in their collection, whether pottery painted by Rui’s aunt Regina or textiles crocheted by David, tells a story of cultural heritage and modern innovation.

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