La Cerise sur le Gâteau.

Our mission

Infusing everyday life with colour and good humour

Well, well, well, that must be why we call ourselves La Cerise (the most mischievous of fruits) sur le Gâteau (the most delicious of desserts). From the start, the tone was set: resolutely optimistic. It's more than just a formula. 

Good humour is part of our values. Optimism is our core value,

symbolised everywhere... by our signature golden dot! It guides our creative choices, but also our overall approach.  And of course it is reflected in our incredible choice of colours, our fatal weapon against the blues.

Colour: at the heart of our DNA
Since the beginning of our adventure, we've used colours. Bright. Always greedy and full of vitamins. Rhubarb, biscuit, sardine, caramel, bergamot ... we put a whole range of colours at your disposal, to give your home a boost, and boost your mood in passing.

We have always believed in the power of colour. Making a place for it in your decor is essential to your well-being.

It's worth all the yoga classes, meditation sessions, or a new haircut at the hairdresser's. And when the gloom attacks hard, it is the best and most natural antidepressant!

Each season, with all our talent and passion, we enrich it with colours that you won't find elsewhere. Creating these new shades is the highlight of our year, the best part of our job as designers.  But it doesn't stop there: on our website, our lookbooks give you plenty of ideas for mixing and matching. Daring mixes, original combinations, we also love to share with you our knowledge as colourists. Or even "colour therapists"...

Looking at everyday life through coloured glasses changes everything!

Our story

The history of La Cerise (from the small seed to the present day)
By Anne Hubert, creator of the brand

Almost fifteen years ago, I created the brand La Cerise sur le Gâteau on desire and intuition, without a business plan or career plan. But with a real passion for textiles, and especially household linen.

In Normandy, in my large and happy family, everything was homemade: jams, family cooking, summer dresses and winter knitwear.

I have kept the memory of the touch, the traditional red-striped tea towels my mother used, the white half-breed apron she wore while cooking. In the evening, I would slip under the monogrammed linen sheets of the wedding trousseau, covered with an old pink quilt faded by time...

I remember Sundays, standing at the dining room table, my mother adjusting with pins the clothes she was making for me. And me, making dresses for my dolls with the scraps of fabric.

The values of sustainability and "anti-waste" are anchored in my DNA!

And if La Cerise has been an eco-responsible brand since day one, it's also thanks to my childhood. A childhood by the sea, close to nature, rocked by the rhythm of the tides, the wind and the changing weather of the Cotentin.I draw my inspiration from these colourful memories! I spent the winter in yellow boots and the summer barefoot. With my black dog with white spots. Riding an apple-green bike with a bulging silver saddle to pick purple blackberries. Or picking poppies.

Since then,
I still need to surround myself with colours, and to sow some in your home too...

After studying textile design in Paris, I became a stylist/set designer for household linen brands, decoration magazines, boutiques... A job where you invent decorations from recycled materials and juxtapositions of unlikely materials.  I loved it.

In 2005, I published a book entitled "Customise everything in my wardrobe".

It wasn't called "upcycling" yet, but giving a second life to a t-shirt, a linen tablecloth, a batch of old tissues, was already my thing!

At the time, I was also starting to create silk-screened cushions and tea towels, which I distributed at private sales in flats. My accessories with a fluorescent message - it was my big fluorescent period - caught the eye of a buyer at Le Bon Marché, who asked me to create a mini-collection.

Then, everything followed. One thing led to another, from order to order, and La Cerise sur le Gâteau was born.

The adventure was nourished by beautiful encounters: the shops that have trusted us since the beginning, our faithful network of Portuguese artisans, the graphic designers, photographers and bloggers who showcase our creations, and our incredible team now based in Alsace (where I followed a handsome Alsatian a few years ago, but that's another story...)

One of my most decisive meetings? That of Sandrine Place.

We were both starting out in the decoration business. We were two young designers, Sandrine and Anne, the brunette and the blonde. We learned to work together. Then, when I set up my own brand, Sandrine was never far away. Sandrine was never far away, always with a kind eye, an idea, a suggestion. As young mothers, we shared the same taste for what is beautiful, but also useful, practical and resistant.

For many years now, we have been co-creating the La Cerise collections, and we also produce together the photos, videos and lookbooks that go with them. A rare type of operation in a company, where "creation" and "communication" are often watertight entities: synonymous with coherence and continuity, our well-established pairing ensures the durability of our style as well as our core values.

It's important not to get lost along the way. In fifteen years, La Cerise has matured, of course, but without ever denying its origins.

I try to make it grow without ever sacrificing the human dimension. To continue to work on desire and intuition. To keep my values as beacons. I remain faithful to my childhood, in short. So that your children, and their children after them, can enjoy our revisited "trousseau", play on our cushions and slip under our colourful sheets...

Our business

Above all, we are designers.

About fifteen years ago, we started by designing cushions and tea towels. As we grew up, we wanted to dress the whole house. We added curtains, tablecloths and duvet covers in plain, flashy, checked or striped colours. It's as simple as that.

We are proudly inspired by a whole French tradition of sober, beautiful and durable household linen.

Like the "trousseaux" of yesteryear, which were piled up in well-ironed piles in the wardrobe. Except that our modern and easy-to-live-with "beautiful linen" is used every day (but lasts a long, long time!)

We admit, we like to stand out.

At a time when decorating was not yet such a craze (and when you could only find white sheets or sheets with flowers!), we wanted to offer you linens... with style. Our style.

Colours and details that belong only to us. Collections that are renewed... without one trend chasing the other. When you believe in a product or a colour, it's here to stay.

Our approach as textile designers is the opposite of disposable and anecdotal.

As a result, when we look back, we are proud to see that our brand has a consistency and meaning. Today, when we offer you a well thought-out range of kits, bags and pouches, they have the same signature, the same obviousness.

We will continue. To work our fabrics with a real creative twist. To design products that have enough personality to become classics.

Behind the scenes

High quality manufacture, sustainable production, use of existing skills and know-how: as part of an overall common sense-based approach, the company's entire household linen production is focused in the Porto region of Portugal, an area strongly associated with textiles

We work exclusively with certified providers for weaving, dyeing and printing. This certification guarantees environmentally friendly and socially acceptable manufacturing. This means that our collections are free from products that are harmful to the body and the environment. So that your children can inherit your tea towels, La Cerise sur le gateau believes in bringing you the best quality ever!

And because La Cerise is a people-based adventure, we went to meet the manufacturers, each of whom has their own particular skills and know-how to offer: silk-screen printers, embroiderers, weavers … From this point forward, you will know the faces of the people behind our products!


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