La Ciergerie de Prémontrés

The quality of our products is due to a precise workmanship offering a unique finish, flames of an exceptional brilliance, a superior duration of lighting.


Considered as the haute couture of candle making, this technique dating back to the Middle Ages allows us to obtain candles of exceptional quality, in unusual dimensions (up to 140cm high and 12cm in diameter).

The wicks are attached one by one to a metal hoop, then coated with hot wax using a ladle. The gesture is repeated hundreds of times by the master candle maker, the candle is finished by hand.


The statuary molding of wax requires an apprenticeship of traditional techniques and an experience acquired after a large number of achievements. The elastomers take on the smallest details of the model, the grain of the stone, the strokes of tools specific to each sculptor, everything reappears on the molding. The objects are finished by hand. Nothing escapes the vigilance of the Finishers.

The passion and knowledge of the Master Crier are assets and a guarantee of success for all our casts.

To the plunge

The plunge dates from the 15th century. It allows the creation of conical candles, thinner at the top. The wicks of cotton patiently selected are attached to wooden sticks. This is the meching. Placed on frames, the sticks are plunged into the wax until they reach the desired diameter under the watchful eye of the Master Cirier.

Each candle is the result of a precise work, offering a unique and recognizable handcrafted finish, flames of an incomparable brightness, an increased luminescence, a superior duration of use.

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