La Coque Française

La Coque Française: Blending Fashion with Technology in Mobile Accessories

Innovative Beginnings

Founded by Joëlle and Laurent Amsallem in 2010, La Coque Française has pioneered the integration of high fashion with high-tech accessories. The idea was simple yet revolutionary: to transform the ubiquitous phone case, known in French as "la coque," into a fashionable statement that complements any outfit.

The Essential and Stylish Phone Chain

La Coque Française has redefined mobile convenience with their stylish phone chains, making them indispensable for those who frequently use their phones. These chains not only prevent the hassle of searching for your phone but also enhance your look with over 100 different models available in various capsule collections. The brand's success is evidenced by its presence in over 500 retail locations worldwide and endorsements from prominent social media influencers.

Expansion into Physical Retail

Capitalizing on successful collaborations, such as those with the Parisian department store Le Bon Marché and the brand Antik Batik, La Coque Française has expanded from online to physical retail. The opening of their first flagship store in Marseille, located in the Les Terrasses du Port Shopping Center, marks a significant milestone. This store not only offers all the brand’s existing models but also features exclusive, limited edition products.

What is LCF?

LCF, or La Coque Française, stands for the fusion of fashion and technology. This brand allows customers to match stylish Lcf chains or cords with La Coque Française ring cases, enabling users to express their unique style while keeping their phones secure and accessible. With LCF, change your phone’s look as easily as you change your outfit, staying stylish, free, and connected.

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