M. Moustache: Crafting Joy and Sustainability in Every Step

A Commitment to Enjoyment At M. Moustache, our mission is simple: we want you to relish every moment spent in our shoes. We liken the experience to sipping a refreshing soda on a sunlit day—pure, guilt-free pleasure. In today's world, fashion faces necessary scrutiny for its environmental impact, and we acknowledge our role in this. Thus, we've turned our focus towards transforming fashion into a force for good—for both our planet and our patrons. We aim to make each purchase a reintroduction to the joy of shopping.

Happy Feet, Happy Planet We envision a world where your shoes aren't just accessories but a source of daily joy. Our secret? A vibrant palette and a diverse range of materials that bring the unexpected right to your feet, redefining iconic styles and introducing novel delights.

Uncompromised Quality Quality isn't just a standard; it's our cornerstone. We collaborate with the finest artisans primarily in Portugal, not just for the sunny shores but for their unmatched craftsmanship in footwear. This expertise extends to our specialty sneakers crafted in China, where precision meets performance, ensuring comfort, durability, and style.

Circular Fashion Forward Launched in March 2019, our Enco(re) initiative places recycling at the core of our operations, inviting you to recycle worn shoes from any brand. Our commitment is deep-rooted, focusing on producing footwear that not only feels good but is made responsibly.

Artisanal Excellence and Innovation Our Parisian design team, led by Charlotte and Mathilde, are the creative force behind each collection. Portugal's Porto region, a hub of traditional shoemaking, is where most of our shoes are crafted, marrying old-world skill with contemporary design. For technically demanding products, we turn to our trusted partners in China, known for their meticulous craftsmanship in making our high-quality running shoes.

Building Lasting Partnerships At M. Moustache, we prioritize close relationships and transparency with our partners to foster a sustainable business model. Frequent visits and daily interactions help us to not only maintain quality but also to innovate and grow together.


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