A sense of elegance, colour and fun since 1993

As Francis Gelb, creator of the Sabre brand, says himself being born with a silver spoon in your mouth creates vocations.

The son of a goldsmith family and immersed in the arts of the table from a very young age, he wanted to combine the meticulous work of craftsmanship with his taste for colour, materials and shapes. Sabre has become the embodiment of a table of madness!

A real love story

When Francis and Pascale met it marked a turning point in their lives. And for the brand as well. To be in love is to be capable of anything and, above all, of creating beautiful things. Pascale and Francis broke with convention by creating the first gingham cutlery design, presenting their cutlery in metal pots like a bouquet of flowers, boldly offering 21 colours for one and the same range. And the story doesn't end there...

The "Vichy" gingham design: here is the story of a cutlery maker who can't keep a straight face.

The brand's first design reflects the good mood and enthusiasm of its designers.

Why reserve gingham for picnic use only? Everyday life deserves just as much colour and vibrancy. So it was decided! The Vichy cutlery would be the first star of the Sabre brand.

A brand with audacity, colour and style!

Displaying the cutlery as if it were a long row of onions does not reveal much of the Sabre spirit... A bouquet of flowers would be so much better! And here's another good idea: cutlery that's upside down, showing only colourful handles with a variety of designs, all in a nice metal jar signed Sabre.


To impose oneself at first sight, to be recognized at once, to associate an elegant shape with no less than 21 colours: this is the "Icône" that is part of Sabre’s history. Boldness was required to dare to mix pink, lilac, olive, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, caramel, etc., to enhance the table with good humour and a bit of novelty.

Honorine: bringing retro-modern back to the fore

And how would it be if we were to take the arts and crafts off the dining room table? What if summer evenings and picnics were enriched by retro design, eccentric colours, ultra-modern materials?

That's how we created the "Honorine" range, with a pinch of old-fashioned madness resulting in a simple, solid, practical look... and it's an excellent gift idea!

— Pascale et Francis Gelb.


Creation, the insatiable quest for ideas, the will to always surprise and the desire to simply be a bit quirky: it is with this state of mind that I work, that I like to come up with new designs.

And the “Bistrot” range - which embodies conviviality and renewal for our brand - is testimony to our craftsmanship as well as our creativity.

— Pascale Gelb


Sabre: a story of life, of colourful life, of good humour, of creation, a story that is a quarter of a century long and above all a story full of surprises... and with more to come!



The workshop is Sabre’s beating heart

At Sabre, even the manufacturing process is a break with tradition. The workshop is the heart of Sabre. Usually, cutlery manufacturers make all or some of the elements that make up the cutlery. Assembly is often sub-contracted out in order to keep only the noble part of the process in-house: the forging or polishing. We have taken the opposite approach: make nothing and assemble everything. The result? 100% efficiency and responsiveness

— Françis Gelb

Quality is a key requirement at every stage of the manufacturing process, from the choice of materials to polishing. The blades are made in France in a stainless steel and carbon alloy, which is essential for an impeccable cutting edge. The handles of the plain cutlery are made of bulk dyed acrylic. Acrylic cutlery handles are handcrafted for softness, ergonomics and aesthetics. Sabre reflects a goldsmith's skill and the art of work well done.


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