Valet de Pique


In November 2018, Martin meets a factory in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. This family business, run by a brother and a sister with more than a hundred years of know-how, manufactures leather harnesses, tool boxes and nail pockets. Everything is done by hand or using machines as old as the company. Authentic, local and sustainable. It makes sense and it sticks to its values. Alarmed by the development and impact of fast-fashion, Martin set himself a challenge: to highlight French know-how while finding moderation in consumption. The objective is simple: to transmit a know-how, a history, a passion for craftsmanship in each of the pieces. All while promoting jobs, craftsmanship, beautiful products, made in France. 

Offering you exceptional leather goods, which last over time, which age well, have a patina, can be maintained, can be repaired if necessary is our philosophy, our mission. Our pieces are entirely made in France by our workshops in Paris and Biarritz, which guarantee unique know-how. Each piece is handmade by our craftsmen, with heart and passion. We love beautiful, well-made things, beautiful, well-designed objects that simply accompany you in all of your activities, throughout your life. We want to contribute to a world where we focus on simple values, peaceful happiness. Where one cultivates attention to oneself, to others, to nature. A world in which we give time to time.

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