Atelier Septentrion

Atelier Septentrion: Reviving Ancient Craftsmanship in Modern Jewelry Design

A Unique Beginning in Rennes

Founded in 2019 by artisan jewelers Nicolas and Mathias, Atelier Septentrion emerged in Rennes with a vision to transform traditional jewelry design. The studio distinguishes itself by reviving the ancient technique of sand casting, a method dating back to the Bronze Age, which imparts a distinctive texture that ensures each piece is uniquely its own.

Artisanal Techniques Meet Contemporary Design

Atelier Septentrion's approach to jewelry making is both raw and audacious, steering clear of conventional, ostentatious designs. Instead, Nicolas and Mathias focus on creating pieces that combine the timeless allure of precious metals with the rugged charm of sand-cast textures. This method not only highlights the beauty of the materials but also celebrates the individuality of each creation.

Sustainable and Bold Jewelry

The designers at Atelier Septentrion are committed to crafting jewelry that is both precious and enduring. Each piece is designed to be a statement of personal style, offering an alternative to those seeking jewelry that stands out due to its boldness and authentic craftsmanship. Their commitment to using age-old techniques ensures that every item is not just made, but meticulously crafted to be a lasting treasure. 

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