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Since its founding in 2017 in Lyon's Croix-Rousse neighborhood, Poussière des Rues has distinguished itself as a premier screen printing studio. Céline Favre, the founder, designs each pattern for the brand. Initially launching with stationery collections, the range soon expanded to include home accessories and decor. In 2019, the brand introduced its first home decor line.

Today, the talented team consists of Céline, Pauline, Laura, and Aurélie. Poussière des Rues takes pride in revamping traditional materials like wood and ceramics with their expert screen printing techniques, part of the team’s specialized training in this artisan craft.

Once designs are finalized, much of the creation happens on-site where the focus remains on artisanal and French production techniques. Most materials are sourced from France or the EU, ensuring quality and craftsmanship. The rest of the production is handled by carefully chosen partners.

Poussière des Rues products are now available at nearly 200 retail outlets worldwide, showcasing global reach and appeal.


Located in the heart of Lyon’s Croix Rousse since 2017, the Poussière des Rues boutique is managed by Pauline. Initially housing the screen printing workshop, it allowed customers to witness the art of screen printing first-hand. Due to expansion, the workshop was relocated nearby, continuing production in close proximity to the original site.

The boutique reflects the daily creative life at Poussière des Rues, offering a floral, warmly dim, and cozy atmosphere. It's a space where Céline, Pauline, Laura, and Aurélie thrive, creating unique environments that reflect their artistic vision. The store welcomes a diverse clientele from across Europe, drawn to its distinctive charm.


In January 2022, Poussière des Rues opened a new workshop dedicated to screen printing and graphic design experimentation. Managed by Céline with support from Pauline and Laura, who will complete her screen printing training in March 2024, the workshop is a creative hub located just 100 meters from the boutique. Open to the public every Thursday, this space offers a unique glimpse into the team’s creative process, characterized by its unique and inventive atmosphere.


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