Boncoeurs: Crafting Decorative Art with Soul and Spirit

A Creative Legacy by Camille and Justine Bonneville

Founded by the visionary sisters, Camille and Justine Bonneville, Boncoeurs is a testament to the whimsical and generous creativity born from a profound familial and artistic heritage. The sisters draw inspiration from their vivid childhood experiences shaped by their mother’s artistic influence and their enchanting travels, notably to India, which remains a backdrop to their creativity.

From Religious Art to Eclectic Modernity

Boncoeurs specializes in unique decorative objects that blend religious art inspirations with a sprinkle of Indian culture and a touch of nostalgic childhood elements. The result is a captivating collection that is both touching and offbeat, infusing everyday life with magical details that transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

Celebrating the Invisible through Art

The ethos of Boncoeurs goes beyond mere decoration; it delves into the essence of mysticism, symbolism, and spirituality. From the beginning of human civilization, art has served to explore and express the irrational and the invisible. Boncoeurs continues this tradition by creating pieces that are not only visually stunning but also spiritually meaningful.

Artistic Offerings with a Deeper Meaning

Boncoeurs invites everyone to explore the unseen and the mystical. Their offerings include ex-votos, nails, gris-gris, halos, crosses, mirrors, candle jewelry, and textiles, each designed to foster a connection with the spiritual world. These objects are more than just decorative; they are meant to protect, inspire, and reveal the deeper meanings of life.

A Brand Built on Gratitude and Marvel

In essence, Boncoeurs is about celebrating life, expressing gratitude, and marveling at the world's beauty. The brand encourages its patrons to imbue their daily lives with objects that carry hidden meanings and personal significance, turning everyday surroundings into a canvas of personal beliefs and intimate secrets.

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