Helen b

helen b: Artful Expressions for Everyday Joy

Meet Helen Blanchaert: Creator of Joyful Artifacts

helen b, short for Helen Blanchaert, is a vibrant artist from Ghent, Belgium, whose artistic talents infuse everyday objects with joy and creativity. A lover of travel, good food, and desert blues music, Helen finds inspiration in the world around her—whether while exploring new places with her husband Peter and their two daughters or savoring a strong cup of coffee that stirs her imagination.

Core Values That Define helen b

At the heart of Helen's creations is the desire to bring smiles to people's faces, whether they're starting their day with a cup of coffee or enjoying a cozy family breakfast. Helen's distinctive hand-drawn characters and quotes permeate her collection, which includes everything from cups and plates to bags, duvet covers, and stationery. Her goal is simple yet profound: to make everyday objects not just useful, but also a source of happiness.

Commitment to Handmade and Ethical Production

helen b’s collection prides itself on being handmade as much as possible, reflecting deep respect for both human and environmental concerns. Helen is intimately involved in every step of the production process, ensuring that each item is not only beautiful but also ethically made. A significant part of her collection is produced locally in sheltered workshops, contributing positively to the local social economy. Moreover, Helen ensures that her international production processes adhere to the brand’s core values of honesty, transparency, and joy.


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