Captain Fawcett

Captain Fawcett: Reviving the Legacy of a Legendary Explorer

The Mysterious Disappearance and Remarkable Discovery

In 1905, Captain Peabody Fawcett R.N. Ret’d, a celebrated Edwardian explorer, vanished while exploring the Ubangi, a significant tributary of the Congo River. His expedition was lost to time until 1997, when an old trunk, filled with the remnants of his journey, was discovered at a house clearance sale. Among the mildewed contents, a remarkable find was made—an exquisite dressing case containing the Captain's grooming essentials and his long-lost journals.

From Lost Journals to Modern Grooming Classics

These journals were not just narratives of his adventures but also contained detailed recipes for grooming products crafted with exotic ingredients gathered during his travels. Captain Fawcett's meticulous formulations for salves, unguents, and ointments have been faithfully recreated, bringing his grooming requisites back to life.

Captain Fawcett’s Legacy in Men’s Grooming

Today, Captain Fawcett’s original potions and his world-renowned Moustache Wax are available for the discerning modern gentleman, offering a touch of the explorer’s spirit and the refinement of the early 20th century. These products not only promise exceptional quality but also a chance to partake in the adventurous legacy of Captain Fawcett.

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