Comptoir du Cacao

Comptoir du Cacao: A Legacy of Artisan Chocolate Craftsmanship in France

Tradition Meets Excellence in French Chocolatiering

Comptoir du Cacao stands as a testament to timeless French artisanal craftsmanship, nestled in the serene Loiret countryside, 100 km south of Paris. This family-owned chocolate factory is renowned for its commitment to quality, utilizing only the finest cocoa and other raw materials to craft its distinguished products. The factory has been a purveyor of fine chocolates, celebrated for their pure cocoa butter content and authentic flavors, for over two decades.

Crafting Chocolate with a Conscience

Every step of production, from chocolate creation to packaging, is performed with meticulous care at Comptoir du Cacao. Their packaging materials are sourced from different French regions, each known for its unique woodworking, emphasizing the brand's dedication to natural and regional products. The factory's signature offerings, such as their award-winning flaky pralines, have garnered top honors at the prestigious Salon du Chocolat de Paris, highlighting flavors like hazelnut and salted-butter caramel.

A Family's Passion Turned Professional

The Desmartins family, originally event organizers, found their true passion in the art of chocolate-making in the early '90s. Benjamin, a second-generation chocolatier trained by some of the industry’s most esteemed professionals, has since taken the lead in innovating and expanding their chocolate repertoire. Today, Comptoir du Cacao is a celebrated name in the chocolate industry, known for its artisanal approach and exceptional taste.

Celebrating Two Decades of Chocolate Excellence

As Comptoir du Cacao approaches its 20th anniversary, it reflects on a journey that began in a small family kitchen and blossomed into a renowned chocolate factory. Their commitment extends beyond exquisite chocolates to social responsibility through the Cocoa Horizons program, ensuring their products not only taste good but also contribute positively to the communities involved in their production.


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