Comptoir du Cacao

Comptoir du Cacao is a family-run artisan chocolate factory .

All the process of manufacturing and packaging takes place in their factory in the heart of the French countryside, 100 km south of Paris. The choice of the noblest raw materials, the simplicity of the products guided by excellence in taste and the authenticity of our concept are our trade mark. All their natural packages come from a variety of French regions (Vosges, Sologne, Jura, Bretagne), each one specialising in the manufacturing of the different types of wood they use. Their specialities are well-known for their quality and unparalleled taste, especially their flaky pralines Collection, winners of 1st (hazelnut) and 2nd prize (Salted-butter caramel) at the Salon du Chocolat de Paris.


A French family-owned artisanal chocolate factory, Le Comptoir du Cacao has been producing pure origin, pure cocoa butter fine chocolates for 20 years, in the tradition of the artisanal know-how of master chocolatiers.


In the heart of the Gâtinais, in the Loiret, in the early 90s, the Desmartins family discovered a passion for the artisanal production of chocolate. Until then focused on their activity as event organizers, they created their first chocolate-making workshop within the Domaine de l'Anche. This is how the story of “Comptoir du Cacao” begins.

Today, the whole family is involved in this chocolate adventure. Benjamin, the second son of the Desmartins family, on the strength of his apprenticeship with emblematic figures of the profession, including a Meilleur Ouvrier de France and World Champion, became a Master Chocolatier and developed new recipes.

Le Comptoir du Cacao is a recognized player in the chocolate market. The qualitative choice of raw materials combined with a unique craftsmanship make the gustatory excellence of these sweets and chocolate bars. Their gourmet creations, and in particular the range of puff pastry pralines with hazelnuts, salted butter caramel, pistachio, coffee and coconut, won them two prizes at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, in 2003 and 2006 respectively. .


The Comptoir du Cacao chocolate factory will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary in January 2021! Back in pictures on the beginning of a great adventure...

It all starts like this. We are in the 90s, three generations at work mingle in the small family kitchen with blue tiles. A son dreaming of pastries and chocolates, visionary and daring parents, and grandparents always there to help out. It was therefore at the Domaine de l'Anche, where the family hosted weddings and receptions, that we began to produce our first puff pastry pralines. Then, little by little, the catering area was transformed into a chocolate laboratory, the dance floor into a packaging room, the large reception room into a shop, the terrace into an office. In January 2001, the company became official and became Le Comptoir du Cacao! It took imagination, desire and a lot of love for chocolate. It was a sweet dream, now come true.

These are long hours of work, immense joy in the face of the return of chocolate tasters, creativity, to make all this evolve with the means at hand, and the strength to set up this great company.

Today we are there. Happy, proud and still hungry for the sequel to come. Thanks to all of you! Thanks to all our wonderful team who make this project possible every day. We look forward to building the sequel together.


Our chocolates of various origins are made from raw materials from social and eco-responsible production subsidiaries. This is the “Cocoa Horizons” program, to which “Le Comptoir du Cacao” contributes for a sustainable future.

This foundation acts on the ground in collaboration with the actors of tomorrow through many challenges which are among others: the training of farmers, supporting them financially and technically, the protection of children and women, access to schooling, the access to water and health, developing infrastructure in remote areas, reducing the impact on the environment, reducing CO2 emissions.


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