Docteur Paper

Docteur Paper: Master Illustrator of Urban Landscapes and Architectural Wonders

Celebrating Cityscapes with Artistic Precision

Based in Nantes, France, Docteur Paper is a distinguished illustrator known for his passion for urban aesthetics and architectural detail. With over a decade of experience, he crafts intricate hand-drawn and inked illustrations under his signature series, Travel With Me®, capturing the essence of cities from Barcelona to Osaka.

A Journey Through Art and Collaboration

Initiating his artistic journey with a degree in Art from the Sorbonne, Docteur Paper has transformed his passion for drawing into a celebrated career. His collaborations range from street art for Voyage à Nantes to creating limited edition works for brands like Nintendo, Sushi Shop, and Courir. Each project is a testament to his meticulous approach and dedication to bringing urban landscapes to life on paper.

An Artisan's Workspace in Nantes

Docteur Paper’s workshop, nestled in the heart of Nantes, is a space of minimalism and creativity. Here, he blends traditional techniques like Letterpress with modern design, ensuring each piece is a collector's delight. His work not only reflects his deep connection to Nantes but also his ability to innovate within the realm of paper art.

Collaborative Ventures and Artistic Innovations

Notable collaborations have seen Docteur Paper expand his artistic influence, including exclusive designs for Quo Vadis and vibrant packaging for Sushi Shop. His ability to adapt and reinvent his style keeps him at the forefront of the artistic community, continuously inspiring both peers and enthusiasts.

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