Docteur Paper

Docteur Paper is a French illustrator based in Nantes.

Always passionate about drawing, he approaches each project with precision and frames the spontaneity of freehand drawing with constant rigor. This quest for the perfect pen line, Docteur Paper puts it at the service of travel and more particularly of the city, which he has frantically explored through paper for more than 10 years.

His most famous project: Travel With Me®, a series of hand-drawn and inked illustrations. From Barcelona to Osaka via Lyon or New York, Doctor Paper deciphers the cities he has visited as much as he pays homage to them.

In 2013, he decided to give another dimension to his fascination with the urban landscape thanks to a first collaboration with the Voyage à Nantes, from which will be born works of street art or titanic frescoes. Almost 10 years later, this attachment is still intact with projects of architectural inspiration carried out for the city of Nantes, Les Galeries Lafayette, Quo Vadis, Nintendo, Sushi Shop and even Courir.

An artisan decorator of paper, he develops in each of his works a sense of detail which often prompts him to carry out his finishes under the lens of a magnifying glass.

The journey of a deeply Nantes artist

After studying Art at the Sorbonne, Docteur Paper participated in 2006 in the creation of the most beautiful showcases for clients such as Philippe Patek in Switzerland or Zimmer and Rohde in Paris. Very early on, he chose to bring paper to life with the scalpel that allowed him to create his first Paper Toys. From this tool will even be born his artist name: Docteur Paper.

It was in 2010 that he decided to settle in Nantes and take back his pencil to become a freelance illustrator. For more than 10 years, Docteur Paper has been practicing from his calm and light-filled workshop, located in the heart of the city. Brick wall, polished concrete, minimalist furniture, this place of creation expresses its commitment: to return to the foundations of things to better extract the essence.

But the city itself is an open-air graphic studio. Whether for Audencia, Le Voyage à Nantes, FC Nantes or the Hip Opsession festival, the City of the Dukes and those who make it continue to inspire the illustrator.

His meeting with the Nantes Printing Museum in 2014 even convinced him to bring up to date an old technique that he reserves for his limited series on machines dating from the 1950s: the Letterpress. The exceptional rendering of this typographic printing, made on machines dating from the 1950s, allows the ink to become one with the paper.

Vibrant collaborations

From the Courir brand, for which he celebrates Parisian architecture, to the Quovadis stationeries that he dresses with the visual identity of his Travel With Me® series, to the Sushi Shop brand for which he creates several boxes in editions Limited, Docteur Paper works with empathy and high standards.

Another creative breath

But Docteur Paper isn’t just a meticulous, millimeter line.

Whether for gallery exhibitions, event creations or more personal projects, the artist knows how to explore architecture from a new angle, more instinctive but also more colorful.

From this angle are born joyful works where imperfection offers a different and endearing look on stone.


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