Craie Studio

" Hello,
We are a French studio launched in 2012.
We create reversible and modular leather goods.
We imagine beautiful and comfortable shoes.
We are committed to better production,
in our own workshop in Casablanca, Morocco.
We are Camille Levai and Sébastien Germès.
We are Artists in Love.
We place know-how and creativity
at the heart of our work.
The ecological commitment and the modularity
are the foundations of our collections.
Freedom is our watchword.

One bag, various possibilities.

When we launched Craie in 2012, we wanted to create a different product, a bag that could evolve throughout the day and adapt to women's lives and desires.
That's how the Maths was born, a totally reversible bag that flips over to reveal a new color combination.
It is also modular thanks to a ring that, placed in the shoulder strap and handle of the bag, creates straps and cleverly transforms it into a backpack.
It was the first of many, our iconic bag.
Since then, we have continued to explore this concept of modularity in our collections with models that can be worn in different ways, bags that can be turned over, dissociable flaps, removable handles...
Craie offers products that reinvent themselves, bags that adapt to your desires to consume less but better, without getting tired. 

Our know-how :

To offer you ever more original models, we develop our collections from A to Z: from the raw materials to the manufacturing, including the photos of the bags!
Each season is a new blank page that opens.
We work with laboratories in France to develop ecological tanning and coloring formulas.
We develop original leathers in partnership with tanneries in France, Italy, Spain and Morocco. We work with dyers to create a library of unique colors for our fabrics.
We design, develop and manufacture the models in our workshop in Casablanca. The bags are then checked one by one, packed and sent to France.
You can find Craie bags and shoes on our website and in a network of multi-brand stores near you to discover here.
We are passionate about our work, the human encounters that it allows us to make, the know-how that we discover every day and that we have the pleasure to perpetuate.

The Craie Workshop :

We set up the Craie workshop in the heart of Casablanca, as a creative laboratory to develop all our models. Having our own workshop allows us to create collections without limits, to carry out tests until we get the exact model we want.
It also allows us to bypass one of the main reasons for the huge waste in the fashion industry, the production minimums that force brands to produce more than they need.
Today we are proud to be manufacturers, to have about thirty people working in the respect of the human being and the planet. We strive to put ethics into our production, we know each worker personally, some have been with us for ten years and we are committed to helping them on a daily basis (micro credit, flexible working hours, health assistance ....)
We wish to value the craft, the hand of the man is in the middle of our work. The beauty comes from the irregularity, from the relief left by the leather craftsman, who perpetuates an ancestral know-how of Morocco. We like the sense of detail, of the small attention, we put love in our products.

Our commitments:

We mainly use leather in our collections, it is above all a waste from the food industry, which is revalorized by tanning to become a sustainable material.
In the era of plastic, we prefer to use an existing material, which will last over time, live, patina and evolve over time.
Our production is entirely made in Morocco, the bags in our own workshop, the shoes in a partner factory. Thanks to this choice of proximity with France, we can use exclusively road transport, in groupage to avoid half-empty trucks.
Since the creation of the brand, we have only used recycled kraft bags for our packaging, never plastic.
We strive to work with more natural materials with a low ecological impact. We are progressively changing all our cotton fabrics to organic and we use linen because it comes from European agriculture and its cultivation is also low in water consumption.
For our leathers, we favor vegetable tanning, as it has no impact on the resistance of the bag.
We make the hidden linings of our bags from fabrics of previous collections. We make capsule collections, created from leather left over from our productions or with colors that we did not use in the workshop. This is our anti-waste commitment for limited series.
We refuse to destroy products, unsold items are offered at low prices in our archives and then given to associations.
We are aware of the fragility of our planet and that everyone's effort is useful, and we remain in a process of constant improvement."


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