Craie Studio

Craie Studio: Crafting Versatile and Sustainable Fashion

Innovative Fashion from the Heart of Casablanca

Founded in 2012 by Camille Levai and Sébastien Germès, Craie Studio merges artistry with ecological sensibility to produce modular leather goods and comfortable footwear. Emphasizing creativity and craftsmanship, Craie Studio is dedicated to ethical production in its own workshop in Casablanca, Morocco.

Adaptable Design for Conscious Consumers

Craie is renowned for its revolutionary product, the Maths bag, a reversible bag that changes color and style with a simple flip. Featuring modular elements that transform it from a handbag into a backpack, this iconic design exemplifies Craie's philosophy of adaptability and sustainability. The studio continues to push the boundaries of modularity, offering bags that can be customized by the wearer to suit different styles and needs, encouraging a less but better consumption ethos.

A Commitment to Ecological Manufacturing

Craie Studio's commitment to the environment is evident in its meticulous control over the production process, from material sourcing to final product creation. Utilizing ecological tanning and coloring processes developed in French labs, and partnering with tanneries across France, Italy, Spain, and Morocco, Craie ensures that all materials meet high environmental standards. The studio also prioritizes recycled and natural materials, including organic cotton and linen, to minimize ecological impact.

Ethical Production in Casablanca

Operating its own workshop in Casablanca allows Craie to maintain ethical production practices. This setup helps avoid overproduction, a common issue in the fashion industry. The workshop fosters close relationships with craftsmen, some of whom have been with the company for over a decade, ensuring fair practices and respect for workers' rights.

Sustainable Practices and Future Goals

Craie Studio's sustainable practices extend beyond production to include the use of recycled packaging and efforts to minimize transport emissions. The studio is continually working towards improving its ecological footprint, with ongoing projects to increase the use of organic materials and vegetable-tanned leathers in their collections.


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