FE.RE: The Art of Minimalist Illustrations and Sustainable Fashion

Introduction to FE.RE and Its Founder, Pauline

Founded on November 1, 2016, FE.RE emerged from the ashes of adversity when founder Pauline's apartment tragically burned down. This pivotal moment prompted her to reevaluate her life's direction and passion for illustration. With a commitment to joy and creativity, Pauline launched FE.RE to capture the essence of Paris and other cities through her unique, minimalist drawings.

Capturing City Life Beyond the Iconic

Eschewing typical landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, FE.RE focuses on the vibrant life in lesser-known neighborhoods of Paris such as Barbès, Pigalle, and Belleville. Pauline’s illustrations celebrate everyday scenes and local quirks, from street vendors to local pigeons, bringing a fresh perspective to familiar places.

Expanding the Canvas: From Local to Global

Pauline's adventures have taken her beyond Paris, inspiring her to create illustrations that reflect her travels across France and other countries. FE.RE’s portfolio includes themes ranging from cinema and gastronomy to everyday life, all depicted in Pauline's signature playful style.

Sustainable Fashion and Home Decor

FE.RE has evolved to include a line of eco-friendly apparel and home decor. Starting with numbered A4 posters, the brand now offers organic cotton unisex t-shirts, bags, and even candles. Each product is made to order or produced in small quantities to avoid waste, embodying the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

A Personal Touch: The Meaning Behind the Name

The brand name, FE.RE, is a heartfelt homage to Pauline’s parents, combining their middle names, Fernande and René. This personal touch underscores the brand's familial inspiration and connection to personal stories.

Discover FE.RE: A Nod to Your Personal Story

Visit FE.RE to find a piece that resonates with your own story—a nod to your neighborhood, a cherished holiday, or a beloved pastime. FE.RE is not just about illustrations; it's about moments that define us, captured through the art of Pauline.

And you know what is the best part of it ? She made us a drawing only for our loved Coronado island !! 🖤

Come discover it in the shop or here online !

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