The française team totally felt in love with her drawings :
Iconic elements in its simplest shape


Here is the presentation that the creator is making of herself :

"I'm Pauline and I created FERE on November 1, 2016, just after my apartment burned down 🔥 (true story). This very unfortunate event, however, allowed me to take stock of my life and ask myself what I wanted to do with it.
The answer was glass found, live from drawings and have fun. So I started in parallel with my CDI to put my first illustrations online. FERE was born.
Through FERE I wanted to offer funny and minimalist illustrations of Paris, because I had lived there for 32 years and I love this city of love. Above all, I wanted to represent it as we know it, everything except the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, please! This is how Barbès, Pigalle, Belleville, Saint Denis… were born. I revisited more than 50 Parisian districts “the cigarette sellers in Barbès, the tourists and their selfie stick on the Champs, the players of Bonneteau in Antwerp, the pigeons of Jaurès”.
And then... I continued... I made cities that I knew in France or elsewhere because I traveled quite a bit, then I drew on themes that make me smile. Cult films, gastronomy, Sunday sportsmen, our pets...
FERE, it's a cool moment in your life. A nod to your neighborhood, your holiday home, a game of pétanque in the summer. You will find basic products for your wardrobe, unisex organic cotton t-shirts, black and white posters for your decoration. No stock, the products are designed by me then made to order, in organic cotton, embroidered and printed in France. I produce in a reasoned way but I eat sausage too, sorry ^^

FERE is reality, it is our story, a spicy or sweet memory. Welcome to my crew.

At first I offered my illustrations in the form of numbered A4 posters, then I launched a line of unisex T-shirts in organic cotton, then bags and today candles!
The universe of FERE has grown over the years and I intend to continue!

FERE is simply the contraction of my parents' middle names, FERnande and REné, so we say FERE instead - like "horseshoe" or "drawing" but I won't throw stones at you if you say feré!

Since the beginning of the brand I produce to order or in mini quantity because at FERE we do not waste raw materials, neither cotton nor paper.

When you place an order, I print the posters or embroider the t-shirts. I don't have a large stock, which is why the lead times are a little longer.
No Prime delivery here, sorry! "


And you know what is the best part of it ? She made us a drawing of our loved Coronado island !! 🖤

Come discover it in the shop or here online !

From fereparis.com
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