Maison Degrenne

The Birth of a Famous French House

Founded in 1948, DEGRENNE House is a great story of entrepreneurship driven by the dream of a accomplished goldsmith passionate. Visionary man, its founder

Guy Degrenne quickly understands the potential of stainless steel and then embarks on a quest: rethink "les Arts de la Table" by democratizing goldsmithing. So, when post-war France rebuilds itself, his intuition leads him to a revolutionary idea: to recover the armor steel of the tanks used during the Battle of Normandy to make stamping dies for stainless steel cutlery.

This is the birth of the DEGRENNE House: strong of a process with audacity hitherto unparalleled, it will mark its imprint tables of yesterday and today.

A Continuously Renewed Know-How

Far from resting on this founding revolution, the House continues to write its history throughout the twentieth century. Focusing on French know-how, it is first illustrated by the steel cutlery produced in its goldsmith workshops in Vire in Normandy, giving life to the majestic steel coils, forging and polishing exceptional pieces.

During the 1980s, it expanded its know-how and acquired porcelain factories in Limoges and Alföld, Hungary, where the expert hands of craftsmen turned the factories with passion to create unique pieces.

Wishing to offer an offer adapted to each dish, the DEGRENNE House has also recently been enriched by a cutlery factory in Thiers, where it perpetuates a unique craftsmanship to craft knives with an irreproachable edge.

Since 2016, the House has also made its NewCook Expert culinary collection in Vire, benefiting from the expertise of the stamping factory.

A guarantee of precision and expertise, the DEGRENNE know-how allows the House to combine tradition and innovation in all Tableware.

A recognised excellence

The passion and know-how cultivated by all DEGRENNE craftsmen quickly transcend the factories walls.

The excellence pursuit and the well done work love characterize the House seduce and today make DEGRENNE an emblem of the French Tableware.

Praised by many great chefs around the world, DEGRENNE collections dress the most beautiful tables and celebrate the revival of French Gastronomy, highlighting the colors and exhaling flavors. The brand inspires professionals but also collaborates with them to create real tasting tools, designed to create the most beautiful emotions.

Proud to be recognized by the State as "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", DEGRENNE maintains the creative spirit of its teams and preserves the excellence of these regional know-how, aware that these are its first wealth.

The Art of the Moment

DEGRENNE House embodies the Art of Living in France and through it, it is all the moments of emotion that she intends to cultivate: those that we savor, that we wait, that we will remember.

To its heritage, it resists the temptation of the functional by looking after the art of moments of elegance, adding a touch of pace to each hour of the day.

For all these moments where stories are lived and traditions are transmitted, DEGRENNE cultivates the Art of living with panache, humor and elegance.

Celebrating the moments that make life more beautiful through an invitation to emotion and tasting: the Art of the Moment.

Collections for All Occasions

To accompany each moment, big or small, that make life memorable, the House offers 3 different universes: Daily Design to inspire everyday moments, Artisanal Nature to tint an opportunity of warmth and authenticity and Tradition Gourmet for sublimate the most precious moments.

From the table to the living room, from the kitchen to the terrace, its collections with clean lines and sober playfulness invite each other on all the tables and reveal the pleasure and emotion that are found in every occasion.

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