Bougies la Française

Bougies la Française: A Century of Candlemaking Excellence

A Tradition of Artistry and Craftsmanship

Founded in 1902, Bougies la Française has established itself as a bastion of candlemaking tradition, embodying the skills and passion of five generations of wax makers. Located in the Manufacture des Lumières near Nantes, this esteemed company thrives on the artistry of its craftsmen and craftswomen, whose meticulous gestures are a testament to an ancestral art form poised to enhance the creations of tomorrow.

Recognized Excellence in French Craftsmanship

Bougies la Française's commitment to excellence has been recognized with the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, a mark of recognition by the French state that celebrates companies combining traditional manufacturing with innovation and high added value. This label underscores the brand's role as an ambassador of French industrial artistry, blending passion, creativity, and a forward-thinking approach in every candle it crafts.

Creating Atmospheric Elegance with Every Candle

As creators of lighting atmospheres, Bougies la Française masters the transformation of wax into decorative objects. Each collection is designed to magnify the wax, tame the material, and orchestrate shape, color, and light into a dance of secret alchemy. The candles are crafted to accompany all moments of happiness and conviviality, offering luminous atmospheres tailored to individual desires and the changing seasons.

A Saga of Industrial Innovation and Tradition

Under the aegis of the DEVINEAU Group since 1803, Bougies la Française benefits from a deep reservoir of wax-making experience. This century-old family business has seen five generations innovate while staying true to the core values of quality and creative design. Each candle is not just a product but a bearer of the rich heritage of the brand, showcasing the dexterity and human skill that form the backbone of the company.

Manufacturing Excellence in Cugand

In the Manufacture des Lumières in Cugand, the brand's dedication to quality continues with the use of the finest waxes—both mineral and vegetable—to achieve optimal burning, fragrance diffusion, and stability. The candles are crafted with care to ensure they do not drip or smoke, providing a clean and stable burn. Each wick is carefully chosen and braided to match the specific needs of the candle, ensuring a perfect burn every time.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Artistry

Bougies la Française's approach to candlemaking combines respect for tradition with a commitment to sustainability. The use of vegetable wax highlights the brand's dedication to using renewable resources, adding an authentic, natural aesthetic to the candles. Every candle is meticulously tinted and scented to ensure that its beauty and fragrance endure until the final flicker.

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