Bougies la Française

Cirier creator since 1902 style & know-how made in France

Being a candle maker means above all trusting women and men, their know-how, their meticulous gestures, inherited from an ancestral, unique and rare art in the service of the creations of tomorrow.

Men and women craftsmen of dreams and supporters of beauty. Five generations of wax makers have created and perpetuated this spirit in our Manufacture des Lumières located near Nantes.

A unique know-how recognized by the Living Heritage Company label awarded by the State. A recognition of French excellence and creativity that distinguishes a company that successfully combines manufacturing with very high added value, passion and innovation.

Creator of lighting atmospheres

Magnify the wax, tame the material so that it becomes a decorative object. Make shape, color and light dance in a secret alchemy... Our collections accompany you in all your moments of happiness, sharing, conviviality to design luminous atmospheres according to your desires and the seasons.

“Give a future to your past”

An industrial "saga" that has combined tradition and modernity... With a long experience of wax-making, the DEVINEAU Group (1803), a century-old family business, where five generations have succeeded each other until today, to offer you the quintessence of a Manufacture: LA FRANÇAISE candles.

Faithful to its traditions, looking to the future, the Brand has placed creation at the heart of its values, the key word quality of its commitments... But beyond that, each of our candles carries with it the wealth of our experience, the dexterity of human competence which is the real value of the company…

Bougies la française, a living heritage company

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label is a mark of recognition by the State set up to distinguish French companies with industrial know-how of excellence. Issued after rigorous instruction, it rewards ambassadors of French industrial excellence. Find out more about the EPV label.

Manufacture of Lights

Five generations of wax makers have created and perpetuated this spirit in our Manufacture des Lumières in Cugand (85), located near Nantes. Our candles are made from mineral or vegetable wax, or a mixture of the two waxes to get the best benefit from each. We choose for each type of candle, with or without container, scented or not, the best composition for a very stable wax, an ideal diffusion of the fragrances and a controlled combustion. They are the guarantor of candles that do not leak or smoke. Mineral wax is also called paraffin. Very smooth in appearance, the quality and purity of this wax ensure optimal use and stability over time. It restores the delicate scent of perfume during combustion. The vegetable wax, durable and renewable, allows a good liquefaction for an optimal use of the candle over the combustions. It has a naturally marbled effect when heated. An authentic side that gives it its character. The wick also plays a major role in combustion. We use cotton wicks and adapt the braiding of each wick to the composition of the candle, to its diameter. Our candles are tinted in the mass and scented to the heart so that their color and their fragrance dress your interior until the end of the flame.



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