Fabrice Juan

Fabrice Juan: Master of French Art de Vivre and Interior Elegance

Embodying the Essence of French Living

Renowned architect and interior designer Fabrice Juan is celebrated for his passionate commitment to the French art de vivre. His meticulous approach to design, combined with his love for refined aesthetics, enables him to craft extraordinary living spaces that embody the essence of French culture and sophistication.

Pursuing Architectural Perfection

Juan's design philosophy honors historical integrity while infusing modern elegance. His work on the Iéna apartment in Paris exemplifies this balance, where he engaged craftsmen from the new Orthodox Church in Paris to match the interior's patinas with the church's dome—visible from the apartment itself. This respect for context and craftsmanship underlines all his projects, making each a distinct piece of art.

A Daily Celebration of French Culture

Fabrice Juan draws incessant inspiration from the myriad aspects of French culture. From the cozy bistros and romantic parks to the grandeur of Haussmann apartments and the culinary excellence of Michelin-starred restaurants, France's rich cultural tapestry feeds his creative vision. Each element, whether architectural or gastronomical, contributes to the luxurious and refined lifestyle that his designs promote.

Paris: Heart of Juan's Inspirations

Paris, with its eclectic charm and historical grandeur, stands at the core of Juan's inspirations. The city’s iconic rooftops, ornate palaces, and the luminescent glow of its limestone buildings at dawn all play into his narratives of design. Juan’s Parisian projects reflect the city's chic diversity, blending classic elements with contemporary finesse.

Sensory Delights in Design

Juan’s commitment extends beyond visual aesthetics to include tactile, auditory, and olfactory experiences. He collaborates with master craftsmen to capture the luxury of the moment in marquetry, lacquer finishes, and the natural beauty of marbled surfaces. Fabrics like thick flannels and natural taffetas are chosen for their sensual feel, enhancing the tactile experience of his interiors.

Conclusion: A Testament to French Luxury

Each project by Fabrice Juan is a testament to the luxury of French living, designed not just to awe but to transport its inhabitants to a realm of absolute elegance and comfort. It’s here that the true essence of French luxury comes to life, through every detail and every space he crafts.


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