Le Cerisier Blanc

"Art director - Graphic designer in different fields for several years, I have an unconditional love for creation, drawing, photography, nature and decoration.
I love graphic details, Mediterranean landscapes, flowers and everything that can constitute nature. Drawing is one of my greatest pleasures.
It took...
- A first confinement...
- A good dose of I don't care, I'm going for it...
- A few markers...
- A drawing every day...
For my illustrations to take a second place in my professional life and for me to decide to share them with you.
The creations you will find on my "Shop" are made in small quantities and printed mainly in France or in Europe.

Welcome to my illustrated world, where flowers are queens..."




Former student of the Maximilien-Vox high school in the rue Madame and graduate of the school of image professions - Gobelins in Paris where she studied graphic arts, she have always worked as a graphic designer, art director in the fields of communication and publishing. she worked for Hachette, Young & Rubicam, Publicis, Play Bac...

Her taste for entrepreneurship came very quickly after her first child. She stopped everything to start her own wedding planner company with a friend. This world did not convince me, so she choses the status of freelance working mainly in the world of communication and publishing.

After several years, she moved with her family to the south of France to make a total change, she decided to realize one of her dreams: to create her own decoration store which she held for four years. It was a very enriching experience on several levels, she acquired the taste of the exchange with her customers, the versatility and the fact of leading a company all alone.she stopped without regrets with a furious desire to resume her activity as a graphic designer that she had not completely dropped during these four years. Creating, designing for her is vital.

As soon as she closed the doors of her store, she was lucky enough to receive a proposal that she was not expecting. A director of a perfume brand offered her to work for her as a freelancer. she was not totally unfamiliar with this environment since her mother had worked for Lancôme and L'Oréal for a good part of her life. She was immersed in the world of perfume all her childhood and later in her first jobs as a student.

It was in the offices of Molinard that her first drawings appeared. Before that, she had never felt legitimate as an illustrator despite her five years of studies in graphic arts. She preferred to propose other illustrators to her clients than her own services. While working for this company, she discovered the world of perfume,
its poetry, the raw materials and especially the flowers.

It took a first confinement to allow herself to draw more and today, in addition to her job as an art director - graphic designer, she draws for her greatest pleasure and according to her desires for professionals and individuals.

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