Le Cerisier Blanc

Le Cerisier Blanc: The Artistic Journey of Stéphanie

Stéphanie's Creative Blossom

Stéphanie, an experienced art director and graphic designer, brings a passion for creation, drawing, photography, and nature to her work. Her journey from working with major publishers and advertising agencies to embracing her entrepreneurial spirit showcases a dynamic career driven by a love for graphic arts and Mediterranean inspirations.

From Graphic Design to Personal Artistry

After training at prestigious Parisian institutions and gaining extensive experience in the communication and publishing sectors, Stéphanie's career took a heartfelt turn during the first COVID-19 lockdown. This period of introspection led her to rediscover her passion for drawing, culminating in the creation of "Le Cerisier Blanc," where she now shares her illustrations that celebrate nature and particularly flowers.

Shop Le Cerisier Blanc: Limited Edition Prints

Discover Stéphanie's online shop, featuring limited-edition prints made in France or Europe. Each piece reflects her personal vision and lifelong influences from the natural world and graphic details.


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